Extremely Complicated 9 Axis CNC Machine Set Up | Hardened 17-4 Tight Toleranced Part

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Setting Up a Complicated CNC Machined Part on the Doosan SMX3100. This is part 1 in a series that will show you how to machine a part from raw stock to finished part. Material is 17-4 H1150

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Misfit30 says:

I would love to have access to a blank sop sheet from you guys and tool sheet

fabrication mécaniqueشرح بالعربية says:


cncmachinist36 says:

Not bad but,
Extremely complicated…?


I love all of your video… Titans you have a perfect machine no matter what shape of metal

TigreF says:

Omg it 18” long?? That’s going me a raging clue right now

mdunbar008 says:

Okay, what am I missing? Why is this part being ran on a 9 axis machine? From the prints this looks to be a pretty simple part.

Ben Marchant says:

Really struggle with imperial measurements :p just taking your word on the tight tolerances 😛

Simon Allan says:

That's so awesome bro 👏 that machine is way more advanced but still very much the same principle as my Okuma LC40 and Moriseiki CNC lathes in the 80's lol I really wish I could have a spin on yours 🤗 thanks awesomely for the great and very therapeutic videos 😀

james Somerled says:

Cool.can’t wait

CNC PROGRAMMING. morgaut says:

Learn cnc programmes from CNC programmes example.

Живко Михов says:

Damn, these machines are so advanced and a lot of thought is invested into selecting the proper tools and way to machine the part. Meanwhile I work with old machines from the 80s. xD

Mike Genson says:

can't believe they set the tools in the collars without measuring the end location as it relates to the collar position when in the machine, crazy

Ronen Vizman says:

Great video 📹 love the way you organized the tools, I did the same on multus instead of T41 T100 for the lathe tools. Keep the good work 👏

Ethan Bewcyk says:

Never heard of a UNJ thread before

Naitik Vishwakarma says:

Love from India🇮🇳
Keep it up

jon says:

I wanted to see some machining not wasting my time listening to someone talking about setting up ,click bait

daveo macron says:

I could barely manage X,Y,Z,A and that was with Mastercam. With more time maybe.

David Ethridge says:

While you button boy's are still fiddle farting around with your fancy stuff, I'll have that ready to be finish ground in an hour and a half or less. On an old Mori engine lathe and a Bridge Port Mill.

Semper Fidelis says:

where's the rest??

Blackburn11 says:

I'm a bandsaw operator at a metal distributor, supplying customers like you guys. I love seeing what sorts of things our metal may get turned into. Usually we never know. A very technical sounding material like 17-4 PH cond. H1150 always makes me curious. I think it's one of the few magnetic stainless steels i work with if memory serves me right?

rahim selmani says:

Absolutely beautifully explained video

Emre Cem says:

Its sChunk, not shunk, but nice anyways.

Huck Fitler says:

Great work.
Greetings from germany

Robert Gillcash says:

Wow. I know what you're doing, but, geez, it's like you're speaking an alien language. The training and learning what to do for a machine like this is impressive. Wow, good job guys. I don't even have enough life in my body left to learn enpugh to do all that.

Andrewut7y A says:

I bet these guys could build the lego firestation in about 3 minutes, just sayin.

Billy’s Tricks & flicks says:

Heavy ass stainless steel on an aero space project huh?

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