Extremely Powerful Plasma Cutter – STAHLWERK CUT 100 P IGBT | Unboxing & Test

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I got this plasma cutter from STAHLWERK Schweissgeräte: https://www.welding-machines.com/?swa=j18cj77fh54de

You can get it here: https://www.welding-machines.com/Plasma-cutter-CUT-100-P-IGBT?swa=j18cj77fh54de

This machine can cut up to 44mm of steel! It has 100A of cutting power. All you need is compressed air from an air compressor (8Bar). It is a three phase 400V inverter machine (IGBT). This plasma cutter has a pilot arc, which means it can cut through rusty or painted surfaces and you can cut almost every material. Check out their website for more info and other machines and tools.

00:00 Unboxing and setup
03:44 2T and 4T explained
04:00 Plasma cutting (1-3mm steel and aluminum)
06:24 Pilot arc explained / cutting painted steel (3mm)
07:57 Plasma cutting steel (5-11mm)
09:20 Plasma cutting rusted steel (11mm)
10:28 Plasma cutting 30mm of steel
11:03 Extreme plasma cutting 40mm of steel

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Андрей Андрей says:

Я думаю pizdabol и диз автору.


That cuts thick metal very impressive

Пётр Репин says:

В России такой 500лет ещё не смогут сделать!

Юрий П says:

Ахренеть 👍✌️🇷🇺

Wilmar Warend says:


Ernesto Rocha says:

Wau os name and modelo

Munna Raj official 999 says:

How much money

Ибрагим Бицоев says:

Сколько будет стоить такой аппарат, для трудолюбивого Осетина ?😁

Thilak Balage says:

available in srilanka Wat s cost ,i need information

Вася Лось says:

Добрый день! Где можно купить?

Vicente Carrasco says:

in your place you had 3 phase power.

Luis Abreu says:

Me gusta te buena calidad

Taip Taipi says:

Cuts like a lightsaber!

Ruel Elopre says:

How much in riyal

Валера says:

Якби в цей апарат ще впхали пуско-зарядне то ціни йому не було б.

الورشة says:

How much is it

วิโรจน์ สงแสง says:


Nam Quách says:

Máy này giá bao nhiêu

Simon Melawi says:

kalo boleh tau harganya berapa….

rodrigo zurita says:

hi , the cost each one?

Fghdtyfd Ffghdthg says:

Басы канча экен

Fghdtyfd Ffghdthg says:

Сатып алам сыварканы

GarageSuper says:

Крутая штука. Мне бы такую

Shyam Sharma says:

Price kya hai iski sir

Пс Пс says:

Крутой аппарат.

Mao Tạ says:

Giá nhiêu z bạn

Аслиддин Ходжиев says:

Где можно купить таки сварка

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