Fab Tech 2: Sheet metal layout

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This time around, we demonstrate laying out our project before fabrication begins to ensure the desired result.


Alex Zarate says:

Hey what’s up man I noticed you put your tig DC 200 at 30 amps what gauge metal are you using also rods and tungstens I use ER70S 1/16 at 30amps and tungsten 1/16 and I seem to burn through every time so fast and I’m trying to figure out how to keep that from happening. Also what cup size? I actually haven’t used my tig since I got annoyed how easy it burns through so fast.

Could you do a tio guide for sheet metal welding and info that would be rad before I end up just giving up on tig welding all around. Thanks man and keep up the rad how to’s super helpful @TheHotRodWorkshop

Joel L says:

Very nice explanation of the process from start to finish. 👍👍😎👍👍

Jim Kelly says:

Awesome job explaining. '67 Impala? If you need some muscle cars to work on, I can help provide a few projects:)

House of Chop says:

Man that looks slick! I can’t imagine having a standard box ever again. 🔥👍🏼🔥

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