Fabricate a 1 piece metal box

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kishore⛄☃️op says:

I want one box

Ivan Zatenko says:

Quick question .. what's the weight of this box with those dimensions? Thanks

MrCRMapleFarm says:

Interesting. Could this box be made using only the pan brake? I don't see a magnabend in my near future. Subscribed.

Srivatsa Thyagaraj says:

Amazing, it's brilliant

Kronos says:

What kind of metal are you working with? Galv-Neal? It seems pretty dull for just galv. looks great anyway, thank you!

Lefty Mariano says:

I make these all the time. But i hate when its taller than four inches bc it hits the top of the box and pan brake bc the one we have is only 4 inches deep. On aluminum this is pretty much how u have to do them bc the Pittsburgh machine hates aluminum and basically just tears the edge like ripping a piece of paper. So sometimes ill just make it in 3 pieces a U shape with 2 caps if i cant get it in the finger brake

José Luis Muñoz Flores says:

Qué calibre y de qué material es amigo?

José Luis Muñoz Flores says:

Felicidades amigo, excelente trabajo, se ve de muy buena manufactura, saludos desde México.

Plåtslageri says:

5:40 where can i buy this machine? also make more geometry tutorials!! ^^

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