Fabricating a Radius Elbow

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Greg Landry says:

Correct me if im wrong, but when you're doing the stretch out for your heel shouldn't it be 13 x 1.57, not 12.5 x 1.57? Because your radius is 5" plus the width which is 8, so 13 x 1.57, right?

JDT738126 says:

what an art form huh. looks like you need lots of machines for doing those radius pieces and other more complicated fittings.

Matthew Arndt says:

Wow awesome man glad to see it laid out for once other than a computer and plasma table for fittings and I got a old timer teaching me so much and he knows the old ways just don’t have to do it that way no more computer does lays out our fittings and we have to run them after that great video man. Also the guy teaching me likes to roll his heels the Pittsburgh it will roll around in the machine perfectly at least it does with the Machine we have. Have a great day!

E H says:

It's neat to see how other fab is done. I own a precision sheet metal and machine shop (lasers and turret punches) and always tell customers who try and put down "Tin knockers" as there work is easy and mine is more difficult that they (the customer) are wrong. Tin knocking is an art. I appreciate your video and knowledge.

mer lito says:

Great work n very clean.

José Luis Muñoz Flores says:

Qué material estás usando? Gracias por tu respuesta.👉

José Luis Muñoz Flores says:

Amigo saludos desde México

Johnny B says:

If you make some strips of metal an inch or so wide by as long as you throats and heels and insert into Pittsburgh before you roll it, you don't need to open them up before assembly, simply pull the strips out after you roll it and its ready for assembly.

Sid Ocean says:


Sel C says:

Thanks for the layout vid, can you link the tool you use to open up the Pittsburgh

Sel C says:

Nice thanks for the info. Is the S n Drive always needed when making it? Also, any downloadable layout PDFs

Phoolpur.M.D says:

Mangal Dass🇮🇳 (Round ducting) (Squar ducting)

Sikander Khan says:

My workshop Pakistan Lahore I love duct work

Steve Cook says:

This takes me back many years . A very old friend of my fathers was a tinsmith . I would go and help him in the shop from time to time , shearing , running the Pittsburgh , assembling , etc. I learned a lot from him . I ended up as a carpenter though , knowing how this all worked helped me out later building houses. I always knew when the guy hanging duct was trying to pull the wool on me when he said he could not do something the way I wanted it .

Assabet Metal Fabrication says:

Excellent learned something new thanks for the demo outstanding

Retired us navy metal worker

Duane Maillet says:

Hi Jacob, my punch mark was exactly 8 and1/4” from the left side of my sheet. My stated 8” measurement was from the 1/4” punch mark you can barely see.

Jacob Harris says:

At 2:17 when you are punching the sheet. Did you measure 8" from the edge of the sheet or from the punch point near the edge?

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