Fabrication a Sheet Metal-Catch Pan

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This video show how I made a catch pan to catch condensation from my furnace. I don’t have a metal break. I could not buy one the correct size.


Eden M says:

Beautiful square corners bent by hand!

النائلي الحسنى النائلي says:

Good man & good jop
thank you so much

hugopaul2 says:

Great video but how do you prevent water from leaking out of this pan?

Tractorman44 says:

We usually install a float switch that wires into the transformers secondary circuit to shut off the system if the tray fills to a certain level with water. Of course the hvac system goes down and if you are on vacation, it could be bad in the winter. It is a requirement in attic installs to ensure no ceiling damage from condensation. Good video sir, I like the 'can do' attitude.

Frank Medina says:

Thanks Bruce guys with big expensive tool don't understand stand that guys with does expensive tool don't have to watch video like your thank for sharing

Roll Forming Brother Union says:

Well, pretty good! Learning!

1957blaine says:

Hi Bruce I have a similar set up. Just had to replace my condensate pump, had a nice amount of water on the floor luckily I stepped in the water before it got to bad. I was wondering where you got the moisture sensors? Thanks great video, have a good weekend

Joey D says:

i always wonder how they made sheet metal boxes thank you for showing me.

Adam's On iT ☀️ says:

It would be easy for you to fold smaller parts and to stabilize the pan if you would use a big G-Clamp and put a little wood chip under the swivel shoe of the clamp to avoid scratches on the tin.

Zippo Varga Small Engine Medic says:

Another excellent video Bruce! Cheers!! Zip~

Ironheart Fabrication says:

Good video Sir.  Thanks for posting.  Take care, be safe!

302VetteLife says:

As always a great video Bruce.  I hope you are inspiring lots of younger folks on the importance of being 'handy' around the house, with your videos.  Keep em coming!

805ROADKING says:

Well done Bruce!! And a great idea, I had a humidifier fail a week after I had a White Berber carpet put in!! And that's exactly what happened!!☺

John Strange says:

Good job. Maybe you'll cross paths with an old brake this year that fits in the budget.

Tufdog's Place says:

Always good to see someone looking ahead and avoiding problems. Thanks for sharing.

Patrick Meehan says:

A very good practical Idea Bruce. Well done ,

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