Fiber laser Cutting Machine FIBER PLUS 12000W with Bevel cutting head

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FIBER PLUS is the most classic series fiber laser cutting machine of PENTA LASER.
This machine is 12KW, large work table 1200mm×2500mm with pallet exchange, unique bevel cutting function which makes PENTA laser machine the best choice for construction machinery industry.
This machine was installed at our customer for SANY Group manufacturing. Thanks for the high cutting capacity, high efficiency and high performance, SANY Group just make another 16 sets machine order at PENTA LASER.

More information about PENTA LASER machine please contact:
+86 159 72145556


kiway canny says:

But can it run crysis?

Narasimha Murthy says:

What is the cost for 2000×6500,. Ms Cutting 25mm

jsp jsp says:

estas penta laser e uma bomba

Vinoy Vinoyvidhyanandhan says:

How much in indian price 12025

Clau Gentili says:

I wrote 06-05-2021 to the machine we are looking for without any answer. I hope you can quotate soon.Thanks.

The Bunnisher says:

Wow great work.

Dan Bahrami says:

woooow, amazing cutting machine.
thanks for video.

Mark Giza says:

Simply amazing.
Excellent presentation thank you.

FvckYoutube'sCensorshipAndTheirAdBuyers UseAdblock says:

So why aren't prices given or these listed on eBay, Amazon or Aliexpress? I really hate calling or emailing some company just for them to tell me something I can't afford and wasting both my time and there's, yet it seems more often than not with sales pitches like this that's the case.

Max Mechanics says:

I hope I get this machine for free 😂

Hadi Alsalaia says:

I am looking for 4kw fiber laser cuting machine 3000mm x 1500mm, how much?
my email:

Jarn Toh says:

How much this machine?

19 Coyote 5oh says:

Wow amazing! I am looking at a 4kw fiber laser and this machine is very nice!


What would be the cost for 6 Kw with same specifications

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