Finding Problems During a Preventive Maintenance

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In this video I was asked to do a preventive maintenance. I found multiple problems that I was allowed to correct. #acrepair #hvacguy #hvac #hvaclife #hvactechnician #hvacinstall #hvactech #airconditioner #trane #goodman #preventivemaintenance @Veto ProPac @Klein Tools @Fieldpiece Products @Sealed Unit Parts Co. @hilmor tools

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Here are links to the tools I use, And it costs you nothing extra to buy from this list:

3 Amp Lil’ Popper:
Inficon D-Tek Stratus:
Fielpiece SC680 Clamp Meter:
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Fieldpiece MR45 Recovery Machine:
Fieldpiece 8CFM VP87 Vacuum Pump:
Yellow Jacket Tubing Expander:
Milwaukee M12 Impact Driver:
Makita XDT16:
Makita 18V Light:
Makita Wet/Dry Vacuum :
Makita 18V Battery Mounts in Van :
Makita Jobsite Radio:
DIY Vacuum Attachment for drains:
Fieldpiece Smart Probe Kit :
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Milwaukee Slim Packout On My Torch:
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Veto Pro Pac Tech MCT:
Milwaukee Hook Blade Knife:
Testo 300 flue gas analyzer:
Western Nitrogen Regulator:
Klein Canvas Bucket:
Flag Velcro Patch Kit:
Supco Magnetic Door Switch Holder:
Milwaukee Magnetic Light:
Milwaukee Rechargeable Headlamp:
SS2 Float Switch:
3-Amp Breaker:
Appion Valve Core Removal Tool:
Appion G5 Twin Recovery Machine:
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Fluke Twist Guard Test Leads:
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william wood says:

A Goodman heat pump with a trane air handler lol

hinspect says:

That was a great tune-up, that system should last for a few years now!
Thanks for the Video 😃 🇺🇸

Chris Smith says:

Good thing you changing that motor now ! That old one seen it's days ! 😇😇😇

nathan albonico says:

I made a 3 way jumper..

Austin Alexander says:

What watch brand is that?

Jjames Anderson says:

Need to get one and leave it in the truck.

Wade Spring says:

What's the advantage to using a crescent wrench to loosen the squirrel cage, as compared to using a service wrench?

neilvester victor says:

Great job tech


Nice one. Changing into your winter heating bag. Hope you don’t get that customer complain about noise from a bigger motor

Billy Brown says:

did a good job and the customer is happy and your happy. be bless.

Michael Leeper says:

I enjoy watching and learning from these videos. Out of curiosity, would it be a noticeable improvement to the customer if when cleaning the blower wheel and housing you use a scented anti-bacterial soap? They will know that it was cleaned by the light scent coming through the ducts that will last a few days without being overpowering. The anti-bacterial soap can be in a squirt bottle mix ready to use. Killing off some of that bacteria is a benefit to the customers and done right it can be a signature of the quality of your work that the customers will notice after your gone. You may already be doing this and its lost to a cut for time. Thank you for the videos!

Stephen Bullock says:

That what counts.make another happy customer.great job

Jennifer Gutierrez says:

My husband watches your videos and mentioned he liked your watch. What kind of watch is it? I’d like to surprise him with one.

Bible Bloopers says:

I never miss a video from HVAC guy

oemytech says:

You could not live without your multi meter 😉

𝗫𝗫𝗫𝟮𝟬.𝗙𝗨𝗡 says:


Search Eternal says:

You're swapping bags? Can't wait to see what you're going to.

Kaleb Hue says:

You couldn’t get a oem motor?

WOW Yummyyy says:

S u p e r 👍 👍👍👍👍👍👍 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 💯💯💯 👏👏👏👏👏

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