Forming Sheet Metal & Metal Forming Tools – Uses Explained By Gene Winfield at SEMA

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The legend – Gene Winfield – giving a metal working demo at SEMA 2014. A must watch for newbies and veterans alike.



This video features Gene Winfield giving tips and tricks on the basics of metal fabrication in the Eastwood Booth at SEMA 2014. Not everyone can make it to SEMA, so SUBSCRIBE for future SEMA videos!

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gen kidama says:

well done clint.

Factory400 says:

Things that take years to learn are offered up here in 46 minutes for free. Delicious stuff.

Aluminum Shaping Obsession says:

Idk man. Metalwork has come so far in the last couple decades. I just shook my head and shrugged my shoulders. I guess we’re all standing on the shoulders of giants.

Joseph Rolinski says:


ReiMonCoH says:

It’s very important to use gloves when you use the wheel…
That way, when you crush your thumb, you have to go through the pain and suffering of not just a crushed thumb, but the joy of getting the glove too

Robert Wasmund says:

Wish it was captioned.

Carlos Linarez says:

It being a pleasure watch this video same time thanks for teaching us personally I really appreciate it

Slava Ukraini says:

Yes New Zealand 😂😂

Alan Chidley says:

Awesome education content.

SpiderLovesBeer OTTO says:

Gene once told me to kiss my Mom at the bus stop because he was about to take me to school.

1-Shot slinger says:

What an honor to learn from Gene

1-Shot slinger says:

Loose at first clunk clunk Too tight and you are trying to stretch with the english wheel — not really for stretching.

Mauricio Wilson says:

Lo que hizo… ¿qué tiene de interesante y de especial…? — Lo divertido es el conglomerado de asistentes con cámaras que observan…. como si se tratara de una espectacular operación a corazón abierto… Se deduce que los observadores, como mucho… saben usar un destornillador.

W Jewell says:

again a legend! this guy has probably forgotten more about building and customizing cars than most people know in the industry today!

Hillbilly Wisdom says:

You would think a tool company would listen to the master metal worker and fix their tools.
And give him a helper that actually knows what is going on and maybe even knows how to use a pair of channel lock pliers.

Vick Vickerson says:

Can women do metal work too?

Reginald Fitzpatrick says:

This man is a legend in the business.
And notice how much he wants to share his knowledge with the world, and not keep it all to himself.
When you have a gift, the greatest thing you can do with it is teach others.

Larry Mitchell says:

Amazing man so much knowledge

AF says:

If u want to have lots of fun, get your sheet metal going real quick under that English wheel and wedge a pinky or thumb in their…yee haw !

S85 V10 says:

The guy is a legend

Rodney Nelson says:

Look this guy up, he is no joke.

hasserl says:

This is awesome. Watching Matt working with Gene reminds me of being a kid in the garage helping my dad work on cars, getting tools for him, holding the drop light or flashlight, being an extra pair of hands. I'm sure Matt was enjoying every second of it. Great video!

Mitch Walker says:

don't know what it cost Eastwood to get Mr Winfield on board, but it for sure is money well spent, so much talent and his willingness to share and teach only makes him that much more of a legend. tip of the hat to the Man!

Pablo Ambriz says:

Gene from Long Beach 🏖️

Darrol Dewey Jones says:

What I was taught is to mount metal file blade so teeth face you . So you pull the file towards you to shave . Also note their are course and fine file blades and also keep them oiled up so they don't oxidize .Also he was using an english panel beating hammer and a bean bag . Matt is all ears in the presence of One of the most legenday metal men of all time .I'm sure it was a humbling experience for him .Thanks Eastwood for sponsoring this great man and sharing this moment in time .

Oxatolla says:

Really enjoyed that! Thank you for posting.

Carl Campbell says:

That new dull file was made in China

p kerit says:

I dont wear gloves because my grandfathers finger was amputated by the equipment

bigpencap says:

MAtt almost lost an eye

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