Fundamentals of HVAC – Basics of HVAC

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In this video we look at the basics of a HVAC system. Looking at models of a typical system and showing photos and videos of real world examples to build your fundamental understanding of building services engineering.


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Philip Fortygin says:

The cold water gives off its "cooth"… lol British people, thanks for the videos tho man!! I'm very thankful for your channel.

Vadim Kochkin says:

Good work
Engineer usually not cleaning filters it's replaceable Pleated filter, frost stat doesn't kick electrical element it'll stop fan to protect coil from bursting.

Best Quality Kitchen Exhaust systems says:

Sir 1HP 3 phase Motor Which CFM In Axial Fan??

Prasanna Venkatessh says:

thanks for classes

Foxhound718 says:

Watch this at 1.5x you will thank me

Shazad Rao says:

Excellent piece of information. Great Work

Alan Fox says:

An HVAC mechanic knows not to take any crap from the customer

Manjit says:

Classic Explanation Paul.
Thank You

Ramayya Venna says:

Definitely one of the best video for HVAC introduction with 3D models and real equipment. Thank you so much!! 👍👍

Saif Aly says:

Support explanation video
Very knowledgeable sir
Thank you so much😊

Mat Just says:

That was great content. Everything makes perfect sense watching after taking an HVAC class.

Summer Palmberg says:

Thanks for these videos. Just started as a project engineer at a mechanical insulation company and this has been so amazing for me to learn. FYI, the main job I work on is the MSG Sphere at the Las Vegas strip. Amazing place!

Brad Wendica says:

Good day,for those fellow who are not familiar with the terminology,what is the meaning of HVAC?I know you are dealing with airconditiong as I heard for your narrations,thank you.

amer saad ali says:

Job interview questions for HVAC engineer ?

振华 郑 says:

Thank you for your share, helps a lot for my work. may i ask a question: why there are two air purifier system: pallet filter and bag filter? Thanks again.

drummerdude0011 says:

Very helpful. Amazing resource of information. Thank you!

Wilson Lalo says:

I really enjoyed the tutorials, it gave me an understanding of how the central air condition systems work

Paladon says:

please keep up the good work! I can see so much effort being put in to produce this clip and indeed, the others, which all are essentially a library of knowledge for a new graduate engineer to explore outside of the theoretical world.

Idris Olawale says:

Thanks so much.

Sky1hawk says:

Does adding a heating coil to an AHU degrade the cooling efficiency of the system?

It seems like the heating coil will constantly provide added resistance to airflow and make the return air warmer while in cooling mode.

Evan H says:

I am blown away by the amount of passion, detail and effort put into these videos. Incredible work!

Rony Khadra says:

very clear and nice. Why do we have holes inside the AHU ? these are intended for what ?

Maurvin Patel says:

I am new to hvAC world but this guy very outstanding job in clarifying many of my doubts and helped me gain detailed understanding about functionality and application of different parts and components. Absolutely loved it.

scoopta says:

Thank you so much for making this! I have an interview tomorrow for a project manager position at an HVAC company and knew very little before this. <3

Prashant Upadhyay says:

Incredible Explanation.
Which design software do you use for the design of HAVC Systems?
Thanks in Advance

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