Gas-Powered Pogo Stick Rammer [Restoration]

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Welcome to the greatest thing you are going to see for a long time. This restoration is on a Barco BR-5 Rammer made by the Barco Mfg. Co.. This marvel of insane engineering is technically a 2-stroke motor with no rotation and two pistons. You read that right. The top piston sucks in air and fuel through the carburetor on the upstroke and that mixture ignites when the piston nears the top and trips the magneto, creating a spark at the spark plug. Springs pull the top piston up and you push the top piston back down. The explosion in the cylinder now pushes the lower piston out from the bottom of the machine. The lower piston just so happens to have large magnesium foot (why magnesium? I have no idea) attached to it, so the whole machine jumps in the air with each explosion. When gravity eventually takes over, the 200lb machine slams into the ground, completing its job an a tamper. Its job might be over, but the horror has just begun as the momentum of the top top piston slamming back down to the ground eventually leads the springs to pull it back up, beginning the cycle all over again. This means that the tool can actually keep running without human input, slowly stomping down the street, crushing everything in its path, and the only way to stop it is to grab the handle while in motion and hold it up so the top piston can no longer trip the magneto. That is the only off switch.

Other than the horror, it’s insanely fun to use and is great at children’s birthday parties and cideries.

The most challenging part was machining new valves to some unknown specification.

The amount of broken, seized, and missing parts made this one of the most difficult restorations so far, with the lack of a manual also contributing to that. If you ever see a manual for this tool, please contact me at

I’ve complied an album of images and documentation found on this tool:

You can see the patent for this tool here:

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Help secure more tools for future videos (if you want):


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Hand Tool Rescue says:

Please contact me at if you ever come across a manual for this machine. Thank you and don't die!

wbfaulk says:

I was excited to see your most recent addition to your "Fuel-Powered Tools" playlist. (Not this one.)

CoffeeOutlaws says:

ohhh fuck the perfect machine if you have anoying neighbors in the apt bellow you

Mike Yost says:

FYI, most "Class D" fire extinguishers are just a bucket of sand.

Chris Winslow says:

TIL you have commentary in the closed captioned stream. Now I need to rewatch a bunch of videos 😂

Vinicius Figueiredo says:

The end of the video is so funny and satisfactory, the giant boy and his toy. One more time, congratulations!

dave_of_the_forrest says:

Ah, those halcyon days before OSHA intensified. When manly men did manly things in a manly way with manly contrivances.

patrick g says:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Man, I needed this laugh today – thank you! Seeing that thing fire for the first time is pure physical comedy gold.

James Welbaum says:

This is amazing😂 I want one so bad!

klepper00 says:

See music video from Captain Sensible Wot 1983 😀

Herbert Orendorff says:

you did an awesome job

billy manilli says:

What a neat little machine!

Lazy Dan says:

37:54 caught me off guard. Love your humor sir 🙂

Herbert Orendorff says:

this is the first time i've heard of one of these

oheso says:

AKA hopping machine

MadMathMike says:

This machine is completely unhinged! 😂

Craymoss Theater says:

Loved it. Now attach a chair to the top and ride it.
Seriously though, you looked like you were having a blast ruining your grass.

Linda Rogers says:

That looks like one leg of Wallace and Gromit's 'the wrong trousers' and I bet the worms under that patch of grass have got some mega headaches now. Love your videos.

Redacted Lluks says:

I watched the whole amazing resto but when that thing just goes with no operator… Holy fuck

Vaios Kaliakoudas says:

If my guess is correct, this machine is made for compacting the soil in order to lay the foundation of a building, right???

Иван Ришко says:

Ну мужик ти самий крутий реставратор якого я знаю , молодець 👍👍👍

Carnaxus says:

This thing has got to be one of the most idiotic yet awesome machines I've ever seen.

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