GERMAN Machine Tool Builder Makes MONSTER CNC Machines | HELLER Machine Tools

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Titan goes deep inside the walls of Heller Machine Tools.

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Martin Kölker says:

This is what American companies need to understand and adopt from German ones.
In the company where I work, we used to have many apprentices every year.
They know the company and can be deployed specifically after their training.

Since our company was bought by an American corporation, there are no more training programs at all. Despite the need for excellent skilled workers

So Titan, please spread the word that apprenticeship programs are important. It is the best investment you can make in your company.

Ruben Rojas says:


박병희 says:

바닥이 정말 깔끔하네요. 이러니까 정밀한 부품이 만들어질 수 있는 거겠죠

Baden-Bahnen says:

Heller is the Best!!!

mr. TJ says:

I am in India sir hi

Ryan Thornton says:

What equipment would you recommend for someone trying to transition from 3d printing into cnc machining? Roughly a $20,000 budget

Robert Enke says:

Zimmermann make the biggest CNC Machines in Germany. They are for Car developing. Zimmermann fz33

Jason Skinner says:

Check out the Niigata 901. Now that's a big machine.

Kamil Kowalewski says:

Hi guys I got a question at my plant we running Kiwa KH-4500 verrical mill 4 axis and that machine doesnt hold its Tollerence within .0002-.0004. My Tollerance is .0004-.0006 and its jumping all over it.Is it possible that this problem is caused Temperature or Thermal Deformation can you answer this for me pleasw.

Awesten Beeragg says:

I love to see the actual use these monster cuts and parts are going towards!


I installed a lot of 4500-5000 heller machines at borgwarner in Seneca I love heller and there reps !! Some of the best people I ever worked with

Jack Cann says:

I programmed and ran a Heller when I worked for borg Warner , and it was a piece of crap. Always braking down, rearly would hold tolerance at all.

Shadyychico Gaming says:

You call that big thats cute

H. says:

I wonder why in the USA don't have more apprenticeships programs like in Germany and many more countries.? because not everyone want a 4 years degree. .

Stjepan Kruno Kovačić says:

My company and me are machining parts for Heller, I 've been in Stuttgart twice and visit their factory, it' s truly amazing

Jean Yonsei says:

German machinery and engineering is so good. It's a pity they're lead by inefficient politicians.

Michael says:

That’s amazing

Flaminia Santuzzi says:

Just some more German CNC manufacturers MATEC GmbH –>
EDEL Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH –>
F. Zimmerman GmbH–>
BAVIUS Tecnologie(ex Handtmann)–>
Spinner Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik GmbH
STAMA Maschinenfabrik GmbH
HEDELIUS Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Burkhardt + Weber Fertigungssysteme GmbH
Starrag Heckert(now here there are some other companies in the group like Dorries Scharmann,Droop+Rhein,Bumotec,SIP (yes the legendary Swiss jig boring machine manufacturer(I'll put a link to SIP also) SIP (, Droop+Rhein (, Starrag ECOSPEED Parralel Kinematic Machine (
And just to annoy Americans here is an ex commie manufacturer based in Chemnitz (former name Karl Marx Stadt) Union Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH Chemnitz
These are the less known German machine tools manufacturers that I'm aware of.There are others that I don't know of.

Kang Akal chanel says:

It's really amazing that this CNC tool for complex work can be done

peter dwyer says:

Damn we are having trouble getting c.n.c apprentice, manly australia, P and L Dwyer engineering

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