Getting Started Guide for Laser Cutting

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Welcome to the exciting world of laser cutting! For all those makers out there looking to start creating with a laser cutter, this tutorial will have the basic information you need to get started! We recently added a Laser Cutting Service to our site, so everyone can start making with a laser cutter!

The full guide:

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Checkshirtjoinery says:

This popped up in my feed today, thought it was really cool, but couldn't find any more videos from you about laser cutting engraving or projects with the laser 😥

Rick Pontificates says:

I want to laser cut a pinball playfield. I have the ability to design hardware and software of a modern pinball, but cutting the playfield would be a challenge.

Sewing Factory says:

appreciated thanks

Joe says:

I have aids

Deucalion says:

Pog gotta do this for homework 😉

S. Hameed says:

the minimum width that can be cut is o.1mm. Right? Is it the limitation of the software or the limitation of the device?

Grimalkinn says:

is it ok to engrave with the paper on

Kiks Kiks says:

what laser cutter r u using


Can you put a promotional video for my channel?

jayson J Medeiros says:

Can it cut into bone. Skull for example

XprimenT says:

Best Finishing By Laser Cutting look at Here

Rony Joseph says:

Most powerful dual laser cutter and engraver

Beowulf says:

Just a thought, I’ve been looking at laser cutting, and 3D printing with resin.
Knowing that printing with resin produces fumes that are potentially volatile, it may not be a good idea to laser cut in the same vicinity.💥💥💥💥

Troy Hayder says:

Put one of these new laser cutters upright.. Put a computer controlled rotating plate in front of it.. Put a plate behind that to stop the laser… Write a program to rotate the plate the desired amount when cutting… Adjust the intensity of the laser via a program for cut depth.. 3d laser cutter…

Combine 3d laser cutter with 3d printer into one nice tidy device…

Print solid object cut out parts of it.. Or add details via the laser…

It would definitely work.. I'm a 3d modeller.. And I know you can etch details by turning..

awsomecrossing says:

Hey your sweater is very black. Neat.

Edit: sweater, not jacket.

chris tinley says:

Realy helpful! Good job on the video .. your good at what you do!:)

Better Tomorrow says:

Is co2 laser is harmful to human body?

M Kepler says:

hey Steven, very good tutorial, I just trying to get started in laser cutting, a HUGE THUMBS UP AND A SUB from me mike

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