Go-to Tools for a Plumbing Tool Kit

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Take a look inside this toolbox to see the basic tools that editor Patrick McCombe relies on when repairing water lines, drains, and plumbing fixtures.

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Zach Lupo says:

Junk that wrench man

Zach Lupo says:

Bahaha save my bacon

JJN VIDEO तीर्थ यात्रा says:

Price in india

831vtc t2 says:

Missing key things imo but I'm no plumber either. Shark bite caps shark bite removel tool pex crimper pex rings/fittings and a tub drain fork

Richard Carver says:

The Rigid 101 imp cutters are really handy, they cut a wider range of copper pipe.

gmesmo777 says:

These are great videos. Please keep em coming

Jon Blakemore says:

I agree the inside cutters leave a bit to be desired, but how else are you going to trim the fitting below subfloor (or worse, a slab) for a street fitting if you're working with minimal height?

Sometimes it's the only thing that seems to work.

Jerrell Strawn says:

"Kits" that develop by job application over time are the best.

Pablo Damon says:

no pvc rope saw?

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