Guide to Harbor Freight Welders: GOOD BETTER BEST!

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If you like wandering the aisles of Harbor Freight and have wondered if you should pick up one of their welders hopefully this video will help you decide which one to get. Currently I have (4) of their welders, sad I know. Whats worse is i’m not even sponsored by HF, this is all me. I have the 80 Amp inverter arc welder, 125 flux core, Titanium 125 Easy Flux, and 140 Migmax Vulcan. I’ve been pretty impressed with the new line of equipment HF has been putting out. The Hercules and Bauer drills and impacts pretty sweet and could now be compared to Dewalt, Milwaukee, or Makita. That will be in later videos which I’m sure will have a lot of comments. Back to the welders I would say you could easily do a vs with the titanium or Vulcan with a Hobart Handler, Miller 140, or Lincoln 140. Yes you are now paying the higher prices too. If you decide to pick one of these welders up let me know which one you get.

Here are links to the welders and unboxing videos:

Chicago Electric:

Titanium 125:



Mech Master says:

*New 2022 guide here:

Dandahermit Seals says:

It used to be a challenge learning to weld ac and DC. Now I think u could train a monkey to run wire. Haha. Dandahermit

Dandahermit Seals says:

Wrong they won't weld on ur 15 amp circuit and can sorta run on your 20Amp circuit. What they really need is a 30 amp 120 or best 240 ac.

MattIsSpicy says:

thanks for the information im looking for a welder right now

Cheeseburguh Gaming says:

thanks now i know which welder to get

abs alatorre says:

Is the titanium considered a no wire welder I apologize looking into starting to weld

THE GUY says:

How do you even power the things a standard outlet just don’t have the amps and the dryer outlet I know they make converters will
That work

TheCornelliusJamesShow says:

The stick weld wasn't hot enough obviously.. and the Chicago electric did a good job objectively.. why talk down on it just because you wanted it to do bad and were wrong

Dertick Tilghman says:

The Titanium welder has the ground/ wire feed cord just like the Vulcan.


I owned the v
90 amp for about 6 7 yrs and works fine for me i been able to do sliding gates and even a trailer. Im not a welder but i think im ready for an upgrade

Autodidactic Artisan says:

Do I need a 20amp dedicated circuit for the titanium? Or would a 15amp circuit work? Harbor frieght website doesnt say. I really don't want to have to pay for someone to install a 20 amp on a house I rent

Daniel Masswig says:

I don't weld, trying to learn. What is the difference between stick and wire feed?

Henry Cole says:

You can now buy American made for around same price

Ernie Fanortner says:

Harbor Freight… I wouldn't have anything from Harbor Freight shoved up my ass.

Ramone Thomas says:

Can’t these plant stick weld

P F says:

Thanks for the video. Ended up here because I’ve always wanted to learn how to weld and now I finally have a place to and plan on having a workshop I can finally start trying.

Meelo2x says:

Dam he just called me broke

Gary Lee says:

The black Chico Electric looks like a nice weld.

Gary Lee says:

I jus’ had sex, now I’m watching this. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon.

Abel Arredondo says:

I have “this guy”

brayden james says:

I do like that harbor freight has upped their game with the Vulcan, but if you want something that’s gonna last a long while, then I would go with the Miller multimatic 255

IWould RatherNot says:

To me, the titanium looks very similar to my old century 90 welder. Which was great for a little inverter welder but unfortunately it died on me one day – caught a bad case of the overheat loop fault – and century never would respond to me for parts or diagrams so I could fix it. I really did enjoy that little guy, he was my step up from the black tank of the Chicago Electric, which still never fails for me. However I stepped up to a Lincoln 140, which looks very similar to this vulcan if not a bit fancier. And I also picked up a tried and true tombstone AC225 for the heavier stuff. I would not hesitate to recommend the chicago to someone just starting out. Its easy to use and can do really nice welds for the $100 price. I used it to build a utility trailer as my first project. Still use the trailer to this day – almost 6 years later.

TINA Black says:

Approximately how many inches does a reel wire spool go?

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