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Bryan joins Haas Sheet Metal manager Joe Krivda for a tour of the facility where we do much of the sheet metal fabrication used on Haas machines.

All the parts made in this facility are shipped to the Haas factory and are installed on new machines, or are used for service parts. You’ll see a ton of interesting equipment and processes that are different from what you see in our machine shop and assembly areas on Sturgis Rd.

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Sheet metal fabrication / CNC machining / Stamping says:

Good work! Nice strong welding. We also have rich experience in sheet metal fabrication, welding service, custom metal enclosure and cnc machining. we are a strong manufacturer in China, with high quality and competitive price.

david mark says:

Reducing skilled American jobs one machine at a time

shrut patel says:

just phase out the pesky humans

mech970xr says:

All Amada the best press break in the business.

life.is.to.short. says:

This is the future. No man job.

Fireworks 17 says:

Loose the background music!

Gerhard Combrinck says:

Great video, I have a question for Joe Krivda: As you use both Amada and Trumph machenery, do you use universal nesting & bending software (Almacam/Wicam) or do you program each machine in the OEM software (truTops & DrAbe)?

Shawn Dinterman says:

This guy clearly wishes all his guys were robots instead, hopefully he doesn't treat them like robots

Bradley Willoughby says:

God I miss working on a press brake. I don’t miss the people I did it for.

hoarp001 says:

Why does't the description of the metal thickness actually say how thick it is? How thick is 14 gauge? Why not just say how thick it is in an actual unit of measurement?

LongPig says:

I get automation from the business side but all these unemployed will mean less need for these machines in the long run.

Fernie Gang says:

This must be Sick ass foo headquarters🤔

Ethan Wang says:

Romain Grosjean with the points !

john s says:

Great video very intresting to see How you guys do quality work ..Greting from Toolmaker John in Denmark

steady eddy says:

Trumpf headquarters. 2 hours drive for me. German manufacturing rules!

Interferenz fehler says:

Thanks for this video!👍

Jeff Roberts says:

"2 guy down to no guy job" very sad.


Definitely worth watching this video.
It tops off what we have already seen in previous video's.
Showing the HAAS machine shop.
Thanks for bringing us along and showing us around.

amir amir says:

Very good👍👍👍

Dietmar Steinhilber says:

This facility was set up to manufacture there sheet metal exclusively , putting all there eggs in one basket cost them everything .
Then get canceled as a supplier , how convenient for this machine tool manufacturer to buy a turn key business for .25 cents on the dollar
You herd the man didn't know a thing about sheet metal , well the ones that jumped through all the hoops to get it set up right sure did and were
Destroyed shortly after . A 10 y o Japanese machine is still far superior to what this company is offering.

Andrew Giles says:

The bloke busy doing the manual welding is listening to them describe the end to his job… Awkward

Luis F Rodriguez says:

Worker: *works as fast as he can
Joe: Not quite my tempo… *automates the job

Liam Snow says:

Im surprised thats only 30% of the sheet metal. Where do you guys get the rest from?

Aaron Osters says:

haha that guy got caught with his mask not covering his nose!!!

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