hand plasma cutting india

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60 amp plasma cutting machine cutting 10 gauge sheet by hand torch. capacity up-to 20mm thickness.
RDS ELECTRICAL is manufacturer of plasma cutting machines and welding equipment with very precise quality and provide it at very reasonable price to customers .
rds electricals mandi dabwali,punjab (india)
email: Rdselectrical001@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +917688944770


Ramjan Gawandi says:

Contact no send

Deric Foo says:

Plasma cutting faster than oxyfuel cutting i also agree that

Prabhu Ram says:

No safety gear?

fabrication work says:

https://youtu.be/bzAe0mbpmVg plasma cutting machine

Imraan Khan says:

Gadiyan Kat Degi

Imraan Khan says:

Price kitna hai bhai

Baldev Singh says:

Very useful tool.. Proud💪 of 🇮🇳
Puarly made in india

Mohamed Asifulla says:

Can we cut 10 mm plate

Sanjay Vishkarma says:

Price kya hai

Sanjay Panchal says:

Air compresar ki jroot nhi h kya

Shahid Khan says:

20 mm cutting dikhao

Ashish Pareek says:

Ye pawar se chalta hai ya oxizen lagta hai

Shaik Zeeshan says:

Contact me 7989297886

kuldip gor says:

Be safe from plasma fumes


Why the company didn't give the safety gears to the worker?

Basant Singh says:

Best products pearly India made

Rk creation says:

Price kya hai bhai

Keshav Ghodke says:

Machine price

Pramod M says:

Foot as centre and arm as radius = Circle cutting!

Prashant Gathade says:

Give me price and brousher


usefull tool for industries in india. make in india lage rho india

Gs Dhonsi says:

Good job very useful tool for industry

Gurmeet singh says:

Ye india bs,,,laparwahi,,,na to koi sfy Sue's pahina hai,,,🥾

EzMeck says:

Perfect Circle !!!!

Irshad Pathan says:

Price kya h

Cesar Gonzalez says:

Sure glad he's follow safety protocols! What's his flip flops safety rating?

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