Hand Tool Woodworker Makes Bad Choices

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Watch How to version here: https://youtu.be/wFThN4wzfjo
Making a set of shaker-style Dining room tables for a friend.

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Jim Hyslop says:

That first glue up had more drips than a toddler's ice cream cone on a hot day! 😀

Edward Tagg says:

Parallel clamps are not well suited to extreme forces necessary for laminating strength. They have other uses, for minor bench holding, and for keeping ends of boards together. Large G clamps or sliding Bessey clamps exert much more pressure.

James Smith says:

Harbor freight does have f style bar clamps that are long I really love cause how light they are, I can put several on one side without it tipping 😂 compared to other brands

Ezekiel Brockmann says:

This is hilarious.
Funniest thing I've seen in years!
Good laughs, thank you.

Mic van Reijen says:

Clamps.. never enough, unless you're looking for a place to park your thingymebob for a bit, then those stupid clamps are in the way again. So any n clamps is 1 clamp short of what you need and n-1 too many at the same time.
They must have fallen out of the Tardis some time ago..

J.D. says:

Damn, looks like my basement. Mine only smaller. Never have enough glue clamps.

Matt Elias says:

Glad to see I'm not the only one who mumble-talks to the wood, the tools, and myself. I swear a lot more, though.

MrDaneBrammage says:

A braver man than I to stand on a wooden stool in wooden shoes while holding a sharp tool.

JRK says:

damn I love frame saws

Smuggle Me Zyra says:

if your wife is doing all the editing and shooting she's getting damn good at this. whats crazy is the only thing i'll buy from harbor freight is clamps lol. i accumulated quite a few ratcheting clamps. its either $4 at hf or … $33 at lowes/home depot 🤔

astrophys says:

I agree with this table.

Vasileios Bitas says:

This is fantastic work, and great pleasure to watch. Not trying ot be obtuse, but your plane irons sound like they could use some sharpening. Or is it the nature of working with red oak? I've been mainly working with cherry adn some walnut, and the harmonics sounded a bit off. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Paul says:

how much actual time passed in the first 1:44 of this video? keep up the good work!

Brandon the Builder says:

You should have a plumber come out and check your feet, they look clogged.

MarkNiceyard says:

What were the bad choices?

Laura M says:

I have never used a card scraper, is there a chance that it could make a small "bowl" if it isn't held right, or hits a soft spot in the wood?

Matt Evans-Koch says:

Those are some nice slab table tops James. For a minute there I thought you were making a huge split top table. I think you need a bigger shop.
PS. Your shop looks like about the same organized chaos as mine. Have a great week.

Victor Perez says:

Great content!

FrankPace54 says:

Watching you work is pure torture

Corey Evans says:

Not gonna lie, I assumed you were gonna break the table top when you got on top of it because of the video title.

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