Hand Tools For Beginners Woodworking – What you NEED

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Hand Tools For Beginners Woodworking. In this video Rob explains what is his recommended basic set of hand tools for beginners interested in hand tool woodworking and furniture making. Figuring out what hand tools beginners need for woodworking can be a daunting task unless you have a woodworking mentor explaining what you need. So stop wasting money and learn what Hand Tools for beginners woodworking needs you require.
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– The Cosman Workbench: https://robcosman.com/collections/dvds/products/video-the-cosman-workbench
– Bessey Tradesman Clamps: https://www.woodcraft.com/products/bessey-tradesman-professional-series-bar-clamp-8-capacity-4-throat-depth?gclid=CjwKCAjwzIH7BRAbEiwAoDxxTjpufng5f1RAP1fuk5kdKwwOvkGDqgDB-dzKBgHKKuRGIvBP7fbmLBoCewAQAvD_BwE
Sharpening Kit: https://robcosman.com/collections/sharpening

– Lie Nelsen Panel Saws: https://www.lie-nielsen.com/nodes/4149/panel-saws
– Lie Nielsen Scrub Plane: https://www.lie-nielsen.com/products/scrub-plane?path=special-purpose-tools&node=4076
– WoodRiver 5-1/2 Bench Plane: https://robcosman.com/collections/planes/products/woodriver-no-5-1-2-jack-plane.
– WoodRiver Low Angle Block Plane: https://robcosman.com/collections/planes/products/woodriver-block-plane-low-angle
– Panel gauge: https://robcosman.com/collections/marking-gauges/products/panel-gauge

– Tenon Saw: https://robcosman.com/collections/saws/products/rob-cosmans-professional-tenon-saw-medium
– Joinery Crosscut Saw: https://robcosman.com/collections/saws/products/rob-cosmans-professional-crosscut-saws-test2
– Lie Nielsen Mortise Chisels: https://www.lie-nielsen.com/nodes/4174/mortise-chisels
– Mortise Gauge: https://robcosman.com/collections/marking-gauges/products/master-product-page-template
– RC Marking Gauge: https://robcosman.com/collections/marking-gauges/products/rob-cosmans-marking-gauge-test
– Small Router Plane: https://www.lie-nielsen.com/products/1-271-ct-small-router-plane

– Dovetail Saw: https://robcosman.com/collections/saws/products/rob-cosman-professional-dovetail-saw
– IBC Chisels: https://robcosman.com/collections/chisels
– Dividers: https://robcosman.com/collections/layout-and-measuring/products/pec-dividers
– Dovetail Marking Gauge: https://robcosman.com/collections/marking-tools/products/dovetail-marker
– Dovetail Marking Knife: https://robcosman.com/collections/marking-tools/products/dovetail-marker

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Abb Bee says:

So I just need about 4000 dollars to start woodworking!

SirArghPirate says:

I see you recommend a 5 1/2 bench plane, would a 5 serve the same purpose?

douglas fairmeadow says:

Hi Rob. I'm a pro video guy. I enjoyed your video, but I must say I found it lacked examples of you actually doing the work. in the trade, we say "show don't tell". It's great hearing how all your tools work, but most of us here are kinetic learners who need to see it in action for the pennies to drop. For example, the rough lumber with checking would have been great to see cut with the rip saw. Otherwise a great video.

Madara Uchiha Black says:

Can you please do a video on all carving tools

James Victor says:

Sorry, was busier earlier, but yep, I think Woody is still giving away his woodworking book, but I'm not so sure. I managed to get it go'ogling Woody Hyezmar, and was surprised to see his "Woodworking Bible" up for grabs, hope this helps.

Tanya Hakala says:

I’d love to see this as a full kit on your website. I’ve been spoiled to have access to a MakerSpace, but I want to create a home workshop of hand tools to give me added flexibility of when and how I work.

Robert Robbins says:

Thank you for taking the time to explain tools required for the stages in a project. I also am encouraged to have quality tools for the job. Thank you!

Darth Schumy says:

Lol; this video was doomed to fail, because for each starting tool Rob talks about, there are possibly 5 additional tools (or more) required to maintain it. Each of those supporting tools will also have the same problem and so on.

All Rob has done is advertise some of the tools he sells, so in that respect, Rob hasn't failed at all. If you're starting out, it's a very very long journey. To follow the path, you will pay far far more than you anticipate, or can imagine, so be warned.

Joe Ely says:

Why does the video stop a short way in? No audio or video??

Paul L says:

The “O” ring used to protect the knobs on a vice handle is a great idea. Trying to find just the right size can be frustrating. Here’s a tip: take any size “O” ring (thickness and diameter irrelevant) cut with razor to fit, then glue end to end with super glue. Perfect. Cheap.

Bob Carr says:

I am a youtube furniture maker. This saves me considerable money in acquiring tools, and as long as I stick to watching you and Paul Sellers, I always achieve excellent results. The same strategy applies for my crappie fishing. The main issues that I have is that my den is furnished in Ikea and my freezer is never stocked with fish.

Fred Nahirny says:

Thank you wonderful explanation of how to get started in hand tool wood working

Go To For Woodworkers says:

I, too, loved your presentation and the knowledge imparted in your presentation. Well done!

Dan Philpott says:

Awesome content as usual! Thank you!

Samsa says:

Steve Ramsey says 7; Rex Kruger says 5.

T Runyan says:

Great show and tool recomendations. Could point me to a video that shows how to properly sharpen a cutter in a router plane? Thanks

David Reed says:

Hey, just one remark, before he decides to publish it, you might want to take a peek at Woody Hyezmar's Woodworking Bible, maybe just try go'ogling it even though it's not complete.

Robert Underdunk Terwilliger says:

U didn’t finish explaining what the router was good for?

Dathomir pizza girl says:

Ah yes, aboot

bighand69 says:

The most important are chisel, saw, plane and hammer. With just those you can make anything.

Southern Yak Fishing says:

This video is great, but it called me poor in so many languages. Overwhelming.

Jarome Jacksan says:

Just go to the Woodglut website if you want to do it yourself.

Joel D Canfield says:

Quite helpful. What combination squares are those? I don't see a link.

Shannan Schisler says:

I really like it. Also check out Stodoys and plans.

Star Karan says:

Do it yourself, visit the Stodoys website and find out how.

Shantay Madison says:

I made it too few weeks ago. Want to know how ? just look for Woodprix.

Max Lee says:

gasp faints

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