Hand Tools Only: Dovetail Box Made with ZERO Electricity

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I shaved a few cents off of my electric bill by using only hand tools to build this cherry dovetail box to hold my chisels. It only took me about ten times longer to make. Worth it!

I don’t think a woodworker is defined by whether they use only hand tools, some power tools, or even a CNC to build their projects, but I do think that every woodworker should have at least some hand tool experience. It’s a little slower, but if done properly it’s more precise, and the satisfaction you get from building something the same way it would have been built 200 years ago is immense.

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dk builds says:

Thanks for watching! Feel free to comment with any thoughts (good or bad!), and don't forget to like and subscribe to the channel if you want to see more content like this. I appreciate you!

Paule Anonuevo says:

This is soothing to watch. Exactly what I need because I can't afford all those power tools virtually all woodworking channels have.

Fred's on a Walkabout says:

Where did you get the stamp

Colemine says:

That was excellent.

Ian Browne says:

thank you sharing your skills — that was beautiful to watch

Matt Bortz says:

Great work and video! But I fully expect whale oil lamps when you say ZERO electricity!

David Andersson says:

If I may ask a stupid question, what is the toor used at 05:49 and what does it do (the rod with a metal circle on it)?

Great video, thanks!

Đàm Tiên Sinh says:

Thank a lot of the share, nice video!

AdiYogi says:

Excellent! Only the music of creation, love it ❤

Simon Mountford says:

The way we`re going on, these hand tools will be all we`ll have left…

deldridg says:

Beautiful process and immensely satisfying (for you and the viewer). I love to work "without electricity" but it does have its problems. A cedar cot I was building this way – 88 mortise/tenon joints, 4 bookmatched panels etc., all hand cut, sanded to 2000 etc. and our son arrived 2 weeks early, well before it was finished. My wife bought me a Festool Domino system to avoid it happening again.

Not long after, I was building a set of built-in drawers, all hand-cut dovetails, blind/half-blind and loving the process. My wife must have missed me on those lonely nights while I was happy in my shop so she bought me a Leigh dovetail jig system.

I love to hand-thickness, sand to a polish and take my sweet time finishing my projects. Another pair of bedside tables was taking a little longer than my girl wanted, so she bought me a helical thicknesser.

I'm currently working as slowly as I can on some hand-cut "bandsaw boxes" as I don't have a bandsaw… 🙂

Cheers and thanks from Sydney – Dave

deldridg says:

Lovely work. How many years did this take? 😉

Yo Kin says:

榫卯 起源自中國8000多年前的 河姆渡文化。傳統工具是中國2000多年前的 魯班 發明的。請參觀實物。

Lan Anh says:

I used this plan to build a kitchen cabinet for my friend Allmy.Tips I feel proud to have accomplished such a project which she have come to love so much. Thanks a lot for a collection as this. It is quite comprehensive.

ozgur ozturk says:

Horror movie at 8:24 :))

Blackk BeLT says:

Brilliant 🥳🙌😊🙌🥳. Thank you.

Kevin CinnamonToast says:

Zero electricity? You made this by candlelight?

Made on Tape says:

I'm just starting my woodworking journey, and living in NYC, I have opted to go all hand tools, for now. Loved this video. Very well edited, showing us what needed to be seen without anything extraneous.

TWC says:

A little Paul Sellers goes a long way 👍

philrab66 says:

I started my first hardwood box today, oak. After using pine it feels like iron to plane or chisel. Is that cherry you are using ?

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