Hand tools or power tools. What approach to woodworking is right for you?

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One of the things beginners discover when starting a woodworking hobby is that there are different types of woodworking. Figuring out what interests you will spare you from spending money on tools and equipment you don’t really need.

In this video, I’ll break down the 4 woodworking approaches to help you determine which style is right for you. Keep in mind, these are broad categories and there can be plenty of overlap between them depending on the individual. Think of these as your general philosophy towards woodworking.

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TheGreatYukon says:

Sweet, this means my hopes of becoming a woodworker aren't dashed just because of my living situation. I'm moving into an apartment so I can't exactly set up a table saw and make tons of noise. I mostly want to do it because I want to build my own sturdy, high weight loft bed, because the ones online are RIDICULOUSLY expensive. Should be doable with some hand work, it'll just be a pain in the side.

Harold Baum says:

Thanks for making this video

Wolfman says:

Thanks Steve!!! Great Info!!!👍😎

Randolph Whitely says:

Great stuff!

Poncio says:

if woodworking were a sport, you would be the best coach anyone could have. I love the way you explain things

Jorge LeRoy says:

Hey, Steve, tried to get your jig plans twice and have yet to receive the email to access them. Hate to do this publicly but still looking for them. And no, they are not in the spam folder.

Miłosz says:

I think most of us is the last group. Sometimes Im traditional woodworker when my son is sleeping (almost like its my choice :))
The most common thing is the novice thihns that lack of tools or cheap tools restrict their skills. But its the opposite. The good professional will always do better than novice whatever off brand tools he uses. Its like expect you can run marathon like the olimpic winner if only you get his shoes. My advice is always: buy basic tools when you start because the thing which restricts you is your skills not the tools. When you learn skills you learn which good tools you really need.

Kitten whispers says:

What about the absolute purist. The guy who plants the tree, cuts it down when it's grown, and then use only hand made tools. Anything other than that is just guys using cheating methods

George Sebastian says:

Can't imagine using only hand tools for woodworking… the mdfs, melamine boards are such a hustle to cut… I prefer power tools until I need a hand tool

Savas Sarioglu says:

That was really helpful. Much more than listing the types indeed. ..

Wonderin'Aloud says:

The fifth style is the one you enjoy.👌

UserNameAnonymous says:

Another benefit of hand tool woodworking: hand tools are truly "Buy Once, Cry Once." I have 80-150 year-old hand planes that work like new. Planned obsolescence wasn't a thing back when they were made. Many power tools made today (even contractor-grade ones) won't last more than a decade, even if you take good care of them.

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