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Hip-Hop Jewels says:

30:35 I'm surprised he didn't call them "tongue and groove" pliers. Hmmm…

StraightToAzkaban says:

This is what I’ve been looking for. I’m in 8th grade starting principles of manufacturing

Shiby Thomas says:

Thanks for the crash course! Learned few tools new to me.

Gongoozler I am says:

Thank you so much, this is exactly the video I was looking for, much appreciation! 🙂 Great job!

Geovani Ferreira says:

Sir your accent is so satisfying to listen to, I miss the south though.
Greetings from Brazil

EK Quinn says:

Thank you….husband passed away before telling me what all the tools in his workshop were for. Very helpful.

judy Hangzhou Jinyue Import &Export co.,ltd says:

learning ,thanks Mr Smitty.

Muhammad Rafi Darmawan says:

Wow this is very helpfull for learning thanks you

Seahawks gaming says:


Meir Manevich says:

“and you EHH! for the locking mechanism” 😂

SlackersIndustry says:

I really like ur band the cure

LuckEnglishGuitar says:

I'm here for esl (english as a second language). My issue is to be sure the correct way of speaking things and their uses. Example: a hammer is used to beat or it's used for beating…?
I realize the instructor sometimes says either one. Could someone help me on that?


You left out pincer pliers. Good for pulling out nails, breaking off ceramic tiles. Also left out snips for sheet metal. Good vid though – nice summary of tools.

Cody Behrens says:

Playback at 1.5. Thank me later

Ron Cooke says:

Hello Mr Smith

the Mister says:

great video

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