Harbor Freight Flux 125 Welder Review

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I have put together a review video of the Harbor Freight Flux 125 Welder Item#63582. This has replaced my older Harbor Freight welder. I ended up building a gate for our house and this thing turned out to be just the right tool for the job. As for my older harbor freight welder, it was a great workhorse for me. I made so many things from car bumpers to roll cage parts, suspension parts, custom scooters, bike frame welding.. So much stuff. In transport it got damaged and the spool axle thing broke. Also, the switch for the trigger started acting up. It gave me about 15 years of work, the first 10 of those 15 were intense use. Anyway, this video, check it out, let me know what you think.

Check out the welder at harbor freights website here: https://www.harborfreight.com/flux-125-welder-63582.html


ThisIsPointless says:

I have the older blue machine and have modified it alot, use a 10lb spool after cutting out the lid and moving the mount, converted to DC with caps so it's heavier now but less splatter and better penetration, reversed polarity, put a fan in it and wired it so the wire feed motor gets power before the coil instead of after the coil so no more feed speed drops, it's decent now lol, there is a bunch of videos of people converting these to DC etc, it's worth doing

when the hood drops says:

I don't understand how a review of this welder can be good.

Non removal 6ft mig gun
Non removal ground

J R says:

i was given this welder that was never used. it turns on and feeds the wire fine perfect. when i touch the wire to the steel nothing happens. its metal from a 55 gallon steel drum with all the paint and rust removed. i have the ground clamped to the metal im trying to weld. what am i doing wrong?

coolmind781 says:

you try to down it but you bought it ….himmmmm

Gary Nasrallah says:

I wanted some target stands made for holding paper targets and a spinner on one side that you can shoot at and it would spin a welding shop quoted me 1500 bucks for 9 of them so I went and bought my own material for 90 bucks my welder with all my equipment cost me 200 and I built them all-in-one day and they turned out very well. Nice welder for miscellaneous home projects

Ogtriple Og says:

Is this welder decent enough to weld up exhaust piping
Never welded before but I’m tired of the shops around here

solid snake2016 says:

finding such a nice helmet like that for $6 is a steal

Troy Knighten says:

Can you weld on scooter and motorcycle frames with the .030 tip?

Justin Sanity says:

Bottom line this is a good welder for the price and beginners doing small household projects. Its very portable and it will run off an extension cord no problem. Its not for anything structural or heavy thick ga. metal. If you learn to weld on this thing and then upgrade youll be a better welder overall.

Ladysuesue2021 says:

I bought one two weeks ago did not get spool had to buy one

Wayne Bob says:

The fan will go out and it over heats constantly but for the money it's worth it

EnjoyTheSHO says:

The new ones are 145 dollars and they don't come with Flux or the little useless face shield anymore

Angel Martinez says:

Dude you couldn't explain any better,,,I like the fact you also gave me the pros and cons

Anthony arroyo says:

What’s max Strength it has before three weld broke off

The Underwood Garage says:

I can actually weld better with this then my 220 snap on mig

kenneth sitton says:

Dont forget the hat,You might get your hair on fire.

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