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Harbor Freight Free Tools, New Tools & Epic Leak!

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My last functioning brain cell says:

2:38 Looks like a Ruger P94

mk2006 says:

Old, cheap Ruger P-series

Don Sadler says:

That is ruger P series…..likely 9mm…

Welding_guy says:

No bear aluminum can be welded with dc ..I run a much bigger Lincoln machine with mig which is any mig machine, plus you don’t always need a spool gun if you use 5000 series wire.. it is possible to run a mig with u grove drive rollers and a plastic liner without a spool guntig you can also weld dc with aluminum but it isn’t as clean, and same with stick aluminum can weld on dc .. tbh I have a heavy duty water cooled spool gun that I hardly use because tig is easier to set up, or if I have a small job I use my Lincoln sp 255 with a 10 ft gun , u groove drive rollers and a plastic liner with 4340 aluminum wire and it works great as long as the gun cable is straight

Doughnuts El Gato says:

I'm not very clued in about manufactures now, but I remember Porter Cable as a sponsor on the old PBS woodworking shows when I was a kid. If I think about it, I can hear the ad reel at the end of New Yankee Workshop, thanking the Sponsors, and viewers like you.

Daniel The Man says:

I'm getting that Pure 1000 watt sine inverter as soon as they become in stock at the Boaz, Alabama store!

Darin Ramos says:

The tool in waterproof cases is called a Pedo-philia Remover. Quite effective!

Donald Hollingsworth says:

Has anyone heard if Home Depot are going to discontinue the 13 amp, 10" professional cast iron table saw? i would be willing to buy this table saw for $500.00 instead of the listed $749.00 price in favor of the new Jet table saw.

roger cloutier says:

Maybe help clear up some confusion about aluminum welding. Any mig welder is capable of welding aluminum, the reason for a spool gun is simply to feed the wire without it bending. Aluminum wire is soft so it is hard for the drive rolls to push the wire through a regular mig gun without it bending and jamming up the liner. The drive rolls on a spool gun only have to push the wire about 6" before contact is made.
Some MIG welders have options for a spool gun but if you have the proper knowledge, it is possible to connect a spool gun to any MIG welder.
AC welding is related to Tig process.

Ron Haefner says:

The tool in question is a "R" rhymes with booger – P944, Image is mirrored. Joe (below) was spot on with the clue.

Clive Clapham says:

👍🎯 Tool Bear correct pronunciation for Knipex IMHO = silent “k”as in knob, knife, kickers, knackers (as in yard) knockers (as in door) ✅❤️

John B says:

HF is lame.

Eco Mouse says:

The "Pew Pew" is a Ruger P94 with blued finish. A little photoshop on the grip mid stripe to conceal the embossed Ruger name.

Tom H says:

Watch HF get cancelled over showing their small Apache case with a gun in it. 🤣

Darth Beavis says:

The Freedom Seed dispenser appears to be a Ruger P-series. Maybe a P90.

Randall Decker says:

2:30…..that is a "cordless hole puncher", I reckon….

520 308guy says:

Its a ruger old riger p90

chadg says:

The make of that tool is a Star. Good cheap da/sa.

Jada says:

Mig aluminium requires DC and 100% argon gas. Tig aluminium requires AC. All tig processes require 100% argon gas.

Johnny Ramirez says:

Thats a Ruger

PracticalTacticalSheepDog says:

That pistol looked like an older Ruger P95

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