Harbor Freight's Dirty Little Secret – How Their Tools are so Cheap and Which Ones You Should Avoid

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Harbor Freight has a secret. This secret is the key to how they are able to make and sell their tools so cheap. When you understand how it all works, you will know what tools you should buy from Harbor Freight and which Harbor Freight tools you should avoid.

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Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you I may earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products and tools that I’ve personally used and/or believe are genuinely helpful, not because of the modest commission I may receive should you decide to purchase one of them. Most of all, I would never advocate for buying something that you can’t afford or do not need.

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Wayne Kuhn says:

I bought a right angle drill for sanding bowls, I thought I'll be damed if I'll pay 200 bucks for something I'm going to fill with sawdust.i paid like 30 bucks for a hardbor freight drill.
Would you believe I had to buy another 10yrs later?

Mr. Niu Si says:

"same factories" is kind of a misrepresntation.
There are tools that simply place a request for quote for "an impact gun in XYZ color with a light, with our logo" or "we need a steel toaster with our logo" and they get bids from several factories. Anyone can do this on Alibaba.

Then companies like Milwaukee, Makita and Dewalt have in-house R&D teams and engineers that design the tools and give their requirements to a factory that makes their tools. These companies are typically not just putting out a request for quote for a purple tool with 10 features.

Harbor freight is seemingly doing a lot of both. A lot of HF tools are going to be the same as many other tools you can find with made up brands on amazon. But they seem to also be putting effort into design of other brands they own.

Last man standing says:

im 6 years on my earthquake half inch battery powered impact

James Neal says:

Does it also mix with your love of going the wrong way in the parking lot lane?

k s says:

Please eat healthier bruh. You getting big my guy. If you kick the bucket who else gna make awesome content?

TheSkull698 says:

I bought a bench top grinder from HF in the mid-80s. I finally replaced it a couple years ago. I’ve had similar luck with other tools over the years. As you and others have said, we know what we’re getting from HF. Buy accordingly. Good video!

Ashton Rc says:

I mean, I had 2 Icon Torque wrenches break, one day apart. The first one, the cable snapped, and the second one, the ratcheting mechanism exploded after torquing 19 Lug Nuts, trying to do my 20th..

RootStriker says:

As a tile guy I'm always going through tile saws seeing what works so I bought their Diamondback tile saw while some of it's okay I regret it. It should be $50 less

R Gray says:

I feel the Biden's contribute enough too the CCP I don't have too

Sdinim says:

I disagree with you on that I have some harbor freight tools 🛠 for over 2 years some 3 years in good shape still using it so no tools work forever.

Philip Richman says:

Wrong! On the contrary to what he says Returns are NOT easy. Two out of three online items are junk. Only way to initiate a return is to call their 800 number. On hold 15 minutes. Will try later. Website says get an RMA, but says I'm paying to ship back and restock.

Philip Richman says:

Great little explanation. Just what I need to know going forward. One question I have: How are they for mandated UL listed products? You'd think regulators might provide the quality control. For instance, looks like I can get a GFCI outlet for half what big box charges. Is it a safe way to go?

merlin twiggles says:

Had a friend buy an engine hoist. I was very skeptical about it, but it turned out to be ok.

Matt says:

I've bought so much stuff from the HF that's a 2 min drive from me. As a DIYer it's the best price with the quality that's good enough for me. The Bauer line has served me well and I can't complain.

Bigbacon says:

half my tools are harbor frieght and they are all like 6 plus years old and they all still work just fine.

Robert Phipps says:

I think you nailed it on the head. I've followed that exact advice since HF has been around. I am pleased with HF since the quality of the stuff I will buy has actually improved too.

Pay Star says:

Great advise and factual. Never had a Harbor Freight tool break or wear out that I use on occasion. However, if your use is EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY and how to make an income ; of course then Get a best tool with a long warranty that cost's more this store chain or Tool Supply Store. Common sense anyone ? No many buyers for tools are not Educated. So you don't get hurt by tool uses, please spend time Educating yourself or work with someone whom is such. Many American's today are trained to remember test scores in schools rather that basic LEARNING SKILLS, sadly.

Evan Pennock says:

The other thing about harbor freight I've seemed to notice is unlike other places lots of their tools are not battery operated, so if you're willing to deal with the fact you have to plug it in, you can usually get a fine tool at a much lower proce

Jordan Abendroth says:

The one thing I've bought at harbor freight that I wish I had spent more money on was a reciprocating saw blade for cutting tree branches, the one I bought from harbor freight was junk and upgrading to a proper diablo blade made the work considerably easier.

The reciporcating saw I bought on the other hand from harbor freight works absolutely great with a good saw blade

Fred Rossman says:

so what is this about?

kilomills says:

Remember tools have one job and that's to to work and be dependent on. Your the boss you hire the tools for a specific job. So don't hire cheap labor or expensive branding because hiding behind all that is a reliable and dependable even priced tool. And that will last a lifetime and try not to play the upgrade game with tools because they're not cars or phones your should buy it once. all the best tools have been made now they're just adding gadgets to it.

kilomills says:

My motto is you don't wanna buy the cheapest but you also don't wanna buy the most expensive either you gotta find the one that's not cheaply made or branded expensively there is always one product that's perfectly balanced between price and quality but your have to know what and where to look because they are hidden behind sales coupons special deals etc. They do that to fool u if it was good it wouldnt be on sale all business are exactly the same. Go to the pawn shop and see what tools they have for sale those are the ones you don't buy.. tools aren't like cellphones. You need to upgrade that's a trap buy it once I have tools that will last my lifetime all of my Harbor freight tools are 10 years and older. I teach my wife this when she goes shopping it works for Any situation when you want to buy good quality for a even price. My hercules I live by that brand dam good brand but I won't buy any of they're saw blades they're cheap and made cheap. The simpler the tool the better is made I seen a Dewalt impact driver had the lights on it the the new xtr sts 24v bs super fast charging.. that's no good to me to many names. Any way I'm rambling now my bad just try not to shop for your money because they're will always be a limit Shop for yourself and you gotta know your tools I have coworkers always buying the new brand names models when they come out.. trying catch deals and what not God dam it rambling again my bad I'm done

Aodh Macraynall says:

I guess Id never buy condoms from harbor freight

Aodh Macraynall says:

I know I bet you looked like a dumbass whe you did that but seriously hf tools fill a need. I know when i first started buyin stuff at hf i would only but stuff like gloves,weldin chalk zip ties but i started lookin at theyre other stuff and some of it is good. you got a good channel and it helps me a lot. I know ive said it before but i though you was a idiot at first cause you look like one but youre not just fat. I am enjoying your videos.

bob smyth says:

Good post, clear, nice job….. Thank you

Anthony De La Rosa says:

I purchased a a welding machine. Vulcan 220 high frig with a spool gun for aluminum. Best money I have ever spent. Works flawlessly. I have been welding for 15 years. It blew my mind. Only bout it to do a job and was going to return if I didn't like it. Jokes on me. I still have it. 3years and kicking

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