Heat Pump Component Tour (In 3D)

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This video is a Heat Pump Component Tour in 3D. We cover all of the components that are common to a heat pump air conditioning system as well as some of the basics of how they operate and what they look like. This is a great intro to heat pumps for a new student or apprentice to get a sense of all the components and where they are located Including

Discharge Line
Liquid Line
Metering Device / TXV / Piston
Suction Line
Reversing Valve
Liquid Line Filter Drier
Suction Line Service Valve
Liquid Line Service Valve
Schrader Core
Suction line filter drier (not shown)
5A Fuse
Thermostat wires / control wires
Safeties (Low pressure, High Pressure, Condensate overflow switch)
Blower Board
Defrost Board
Sequencer or heat relay
Condenser Fan
Blower Motor
Heat Strips

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Gary Winters says:

If it weren't for prompters, how many edits are added to the final cut..wow.👌👌
Thanks Brian and the others at HVAC/R School who make these educating videos possible. Please continue to bring us more videos like important protection for service technician and precautionary steps during service of a suspected burn out., and proper steps to clean the system, what parts should be replaced etc, and get it running again.

RCin Fla says:

Like the picture of frosted outside unit heat pump. Typical central FL situation where homeowner turned on lawn sprinklers in attempt to protect their plants from freeze damage, putting a lot of local humidity in air near the outside unit.

bug Den says:

good refresher course thank you

John Bond says:

06:35 These are called aspirating accumulators. They are sometimes pre-charged in the field with a small amount of oil to minimize the aspiration of liquid refrigerant. better solution is a separate oil separator ahead of the accumulator, and a low oil cutout in the compressor. I have seen more than one Coplemetic compressor throw a connection rod due to poor oil return. The nice thing about Colemetics is they can be rebuilt, unlike standard herms.

Wasted Futility says:

The heatpumps I've been working on here in germany don't have a transformer and all that wiring, just the 400V for the compresser and 230V for the controls. I think all that is integrated into the main circuit board most modern machines here, 230V going directly into the circuitboard, and the board is spitting out lower voltages for the sensors and stuff.

Kashif Iqbal says:

I was wondering if u give one or 2 hour class on zoom and if u do how much u charge I am really interested in taking class thanks.

Kashif Iqbal says:

Sir where is the heat exchanger in heat pumps

Tenzin Lhawang says:

Nice and simple explanation.. video on 3d was fantastic.

Ch4grin says:

@13:01 it's inappropriate to say the vanes of the squirrel cage "scoop" the air given that spinning the cage in either direction (or flipping the cage around) will still cause it to blow air in the same direction. The air is pushed by centrifugal force and changing the blade profile is only an optimization — or perhaps a tradeoff between pressure and volume. Teaching that small fact will some day save a student from thinking they can reverse the flow.

Subramaniam Lakshminarayanan says:

This video has been great help to me, thank you very much.

The Ice man Series says:

Question I have a heat pump that's in the heat mode and runs the pressures up to 500+ psi then locks out but in the cooling mode it runs fine. It has a TXV on the HP.
I believe the TVX is bad. 
Feedback when you can.

Max And Mini says:

Cruised through hvac school, got my epa universal, landed a sweet career as an apprentice and already a month in. I’m loving this field so glad I got into this. Knowledge just never stops, so rewarding to understand what you are saying! 💪🏽👨🏻‍🔧

Matt says:

What about a heat pump for a pool

joao v s c says:

Thank you so much for posting this video. The 3d visualization is impressive, very well done. Thanks again

zm. m says:

Very nice video and easy explained, thanks brain

NoName Moth says:

Female homeowner here and thanks to you I know so much more about my heat pump and it's operation. I can now have an intelligent conversation with the HVAC guy when my system is not functioning properly.

jose cerna says:

Thanks God there’s people like you ,
I just pray so you keep on helping how need you every single day , like me .
Thanks again Bryan👍🏻🙏🏼

deMoNe64 says:

I wish i had videos like this during my bachelor years. It would be much much easier to understand and extremely more interesting . Thank you a lot HVAC School!

tserevenad says:

just wow. excellent.

devin says:

the most mind blowing thing i learned in hvac trade school is that boiling water is a cooling method

edgar, do it your self says:

Great video 📹,thanks for teaching!!!

Ben Vary says:

Thanks Brian this video is a great tool for H.O.'s to explain operation in place of lengthy on site representation. I am retired from the HVAC industry as an owner/ service tech. I also live in central Florida. Wouldn't mind checking out your operation some time.

Karena S says:

Awesome video

Tomorrowsyoutube says:

Explain the de ice loop


Great video and amazing illustration. Great work.

Richard Draggin says:

Only Brian can sum up 4yrs of school in 20 min 😂🥇👌

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