Heat Pump. Is It Worth It???

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Take a technician’s word on if #heatpumps are worth it or not for your #HVAC system. see the good the bad and the ugly about the air source heat pump. take it from someone that works on them everyday.

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dell177 says:

I had a Mitsubishi 12k minisplit installed in 2015, I use it to cool the first floor of the house and for heat on mild with days (above 30 degrees), this is a 100 year old house so 12k just isn't enough to deliver enough heat on colder days. I am happy with it's performance.

I bought the 5 year service plan with the instal and all was well till the last year. The unit wasn't heating well in the late fall. They came out and looked at it and said it needed more work but they topped off the r410 and told me to call if I ran into problems before they came back. Over the next 5 months they came back 3 times to top off the r410 before coming back t he last time and fixing it. I shudder to think what that would have cost if it had not been under the service plan. This was large company that was aplatinum dealer but the techs were not well trained on the service end.

Random Acts of Video says:

Heat pumps do not need a backup source for heat. Heat pumps can run at -22F and still produce heat. If you live where it's colder than that yes you need a backup source but you can do that with an electric strip in whole house system. The amount of time it ever gets colder than that temperature might be a week per year at most.

suespony says:

Iam seriously thinking about geothermal

lonewolf says:

that's what i was told when i bought both of my geo therm systems. i'll freeze it won't work LOL. complete and utter BS on that. i have a geo system in my home in NH it's awesome it makes the hot water heats and cools the home i even have it setup to defrost the driveway along with radiant heat in the floors back there.. have one installed in my home in CA same setup minus it taking care of the driveway and heated floors but out here it heats the pool. most of the times when these things don't work it's because of a piss poor design on installer!!! i have a brother up in alaska using a geo system works up there to..

Todd Dinwiddie says:

They've definitely come a long way since the 80's and 90's. I do believe that this is what I'm going to put on my Southern VA. home.

Ferlin Sovereign says:

Great video , quick question, I’m across from Michigan, southern Ontario area , I’ve put in a new propane furnace, ( no gas available)
I’m now looking at my cooling and considering a heat pump for cooling, our government offers 4,000 off for a heat pump , will a heat pump/propane furnace sufficiently cool a 2 storey 2,700 sq ft home !
Or would you go with standard A/C for a duct forced air system?
Will it cool enough?

Tom Gilfoyle says:

I heated with oil- almost a thousand gallons for a big house. Then my oil burner died,and I spent an extra $8000 for heat pumps. This winter I used no oil and saved at east three grand, and my electric bill went up one. So @2000 saved.If oil is still $5 a gallon next winter I'll save $3500, so payback will be in three years.
Oh yeah- super-efficient AC at no extra cost.

Hubjeep says:

I live on Long Island. Yearly I use about 1,000 gallons of heating oil. My central A/C unit is about 15 years old. Considering replacing my system with one that also has heating capability to use less of that $5.50 heating oil. I see some units that have a wall mount outdoor unit (Mitsubishi). Keep in mind electricity is 22 cents kWh here. 🙁

manual4life says:

I'm here in NY. I have oil heat and oil drops getting very expensive. Last drop was $750. Used to be $400 old Trump good days. In new York coned and programs that removes ur old oil furnace and oil tanks and install mini split. I f I do that. Do I need other heating backup with mini split. Removing old oil furnace and installing new mini split in house is about $10k after rebate. What's ur opinion?

Angelo Palombo says:

Heat pumps are a great Idea if your converting from electric Baseboard heat or forced air electric or if you are replacing an existing heat pump system but if you have a gas furnace you would be making a big mistake converting to a heat pump you will jeopardize your comfort in your home and it will cost you double to heat your home using electricity compared to gas.

David B says:

Great honest discussion! Thanks. I put a 18k BTU minisplit in my garage shop last summer as I was still working from home. Did it for cooling as I already had a propane heater in there. Picked the unit up as an amazon return for cheap. Ran so well I decided to just leave it on Auto mode and ran it all winter. Kept the garage comfortable all winter and made heat on the coldest day I saw (-8F). 24×36 insulated garage with 16' insulated garage door on a concrete slab. Never started the propane heater. I'm a believer and will do my own install on a 42 or 48k BTU for my house next. Looking at the Mitsubishi hyper-heat units. or may the Gree.

Gregory McCoy says:

So when you need heat you're depending on your backup source when you get below 30 degrees?

Gaetano Penirelli says:

Is the dry air bad for alergies

James Curtis says:

Less than 95 degrees blowing out of a unit feels cold, even though it is heating the room.

Every heat source of heat needs a backup.

J Scott Upton says:

I'm sure that heat pumps will work fine. But…but…I'm NOT giving up my gas furnace.

gopsln says:

Thanks for the nice talk through. What about the costs of maintaining heatpumps vs traditional units? I live in Zone 9B in CA and needing to replace (preventive maintenance) 24yr old Goodman unit – still working. The variable stage heatpump quotes come in 1 grand extra than conventional after the clean energy rebates. But, there is a maintenance aspect where the HVAC tech says it needs tune up atleast twice a year and would charge me about $250 / yr. That extra running costs is wrenching my decision. Like to know what the reality is. Also, for the heating part i have a 96% gas furnace unit that is quoted to be replaced with 80% air handler in the heat-pump setup – the HVAC person is confident that it is sufficient. The Heatpump quote includes a 5KW heat strip as well. Please advise.

Chris Edward says:

We are designing a 36k condenser with a 18,12 and 6. We plan to use a cheap ventless propane heater as backup.

Martin Black says:

I took a drink every time he said 'old wives tale'……..now, the dog is getting nervous.

Daddygc says:

The cost of electricity in michigan is way too high,I'll stick with our cheap natural gas heat

erica acosta says:

So is it cheaper to have the alt heat coil turn on more often or to set the alt heat coil to turn on at a much lower temperature?

teerexness says:

Large, traditional heat pumps should be banned based on noise alone.

Anonymous says:

It's kinda funny to hear that up further north, heat pumps are maybe not a great idea. They've got far more days of peak heating efficiency for a heat pump than the south.
Or, some I've heard saying they just completely don't work below 35 degrees… somehow. My rheem classic series was working decently well down at 8 degrees with the heat strips disabled, and the unit's a tad under sized for my house.
I bet you're right about hvac guys not wanting to work in the cold… that does explain a lot. 😛

James says:

How long shoukd my heat pump run for before switching over to emergency heat? Say your house is set to 70 and its 68 inside and heat pump is running

Larry Wright says:

Really helpful info. Thanks for covering pros/cons. I'm considering a heat pump with high efficiency furnace backup in mid-Atlantic. Can you give me an idea about the amount of exhaust/steam from this furnace. I ask because I'd be limited to exhausting out the front of the house. On one hand, the furnace wouldn't run that often but when it does I don't want a bunch of steam near the front porch. My other option is to go with a less efficient furnace and use existing flue through the roof.

Tracy Sweaty Nipps says:

I just had to have my unit repaired due to it leaking Refrigerant. How ever it was caused due to a manufacturing issue with the factory pipe being damaged for the last 4 years. I honestly hated my heat pump now that they fixed the problem OMG now it works just as good as Gas Heat which is what I'm accustomed to and or wood stove heat. So the whole time I thought I purchased a horrible heating system when it reality it just wasn't able to run the way its supposed to and the problem went completely unnoticed for 4 YEARS just slowly leaking little by little and every year I pay them to do a maintenance check I'm shocked they never caught it which has me wondering wtf I'm paying for yearly??😬😵😟.. Heat pumps aren't as bad as I thought.. I never thought I would have to use Emergency Heat but I'm glad my system has it built in or we would have been freezing for 3 days..

John Macken says:

Andy thanks for your excellent video on heat pumps I live in UK can you please quote temperature in Celsius outside USA nobody has the remotest idea what 10F is it seems warm in C thanks john

Ryan Arnberg says:

Thanks for the video. We are looking at going with a gas furnace maybe 96% efficiency with variable air handler and heat pump 16-18 seer in our bilevel 2100sqf home.

William Moschella says:

What’s the best air source heat pump and back up gas furnace to buy for a1,000. Square foot house in Massachusetts

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