Heat Pumps are Not Hard: Here's what it will take to start pumping

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Is this the last video on heat pumps? Well, for a while anyway. This isn’t a complete picture by any means, but I hope that you leave this video with the knowledge that this future is well within our grasp.

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00:00 Intro
01:02 Recap on why heat pumps are important
02:20 Insulate, Insulate, Insulate
08:16 What getting a heat pump is like
09:02 Ductless mini- and multi-split systems
15:15 Air-to-water heat pumps
18:15 The US is largely all set for heat pumps
19:40 Except… the equipment we can get isn’t great
20:49 VRF systems and an outstanding performer
22:38 Things are starting to get better in the US…
24:42 But why have they been so bad for so long?
27:18 Getting a cold-climate heat pump is difficult
27:56 Price gouging
32:43 Pricing obfuscation and where to go from here
33:53 Ductwork challenges
37:33 Ambient noise concerns
40:29 A look at some packaged units
45:05 Jazzy bloopers

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Technology Connections says:

Apologies for the video glitches near the end! This video really didn't want to get exported correctly…
(edit) Oh, also, this is the last video on heat pumps, I swear! OK, well the last for a solid while…

Sa Alamin says:

It's expensive cause it's good buisness.
In US everything is made more expensive because people can spend that much. For this reason ,companies make millions even billions in a short amount of time.

The mitsubishi heating setup you've talked about earlier would cost around (4450-4460$) in my country. For the entire setup.
3800$ for the AC (yes !, in my country it's 3800$ and it's )
600$ more or less for tubing and wiring
100$ for fastners and other required equipments.
And around 50-60$ for installation service.

We can buy a brand new 1ton AC or from only 390$ to 666$
Local brands sell a 3 ton AC for only (900$ to 1000$)
Even some imported once like a 3 ton General AC from japan will cost around 1100$

Point to be noted ; in our country we use split system AC although these split systems can be integrated to duct systems quiet easily ,which are capable of both heating and cooling ,so I've simply mentioned AC.

royal scam says:

I can't stand your vid too long i don't have time why can't you make it shorter

Dark 4x4 says:

And to think only 10 year ago did the Howlin' "Laud" Hope, propose this policy to the UK public!

The Anti-EVILutionist says:

Sorry kid, I like you, but you don't "braze" copper, you "solder" it. You can only actually braze steel or iron, or some other metal with a higher melting point than brass. FYI…

Elizabeta Macovei says:

29:00 My jaw's dropping. I bought an air conditioner last year in spring, and I paid 300 Euro for the unit and 120 Euro for installation (I live on the 5th floor, I'm not doing that on my own).

Tom Clark says:

Beware of contractors driving new pickup trucks!

Don Barthel says:

No need to rip out your current furnace. Just add a single mini split heat pump. You'll use it most of the time but still have the old furnace to fall back on.

camwyn256 says:

Love the idea, but I don’t see policy being made for insulation requirements. We can’t even get policy to replace lead pipes

camwyn256 says:

The first thing we did after buying a home was to replace the single pane windows with double paned windows

Cody Hutt says:

We recently purchased a home that had a heat pump, first time ever seeing one. It’s awesome and I would highly recommend. Thanks for explaining how they work!

Jim Hailwood says:

Some of the most comprehensively researched and well presented technology videos I’ve seen. Cudos to you. You have yourself another subscriber. 👍👍

UniversoDanDan says:

33:55 you mean… DUCKt work?

Alexander Harris says:

I think this will have massive potential in the UK market where we are finding ourselves needing aircon units more and more, to have this and the benefit of heating the house efficiently in the winter would be a good sell I think.

MockEmperor 953 says:

38:06 you got the ac unit sound perfect

Tularis says:

Help folks? That’s socialism!

Exaupbring says:


You Don't Know Me says:

Insulate. Insulate. Insulate.
Your wish is my command. 🤣
I live in a little bungalow built in 2000, my walls and windows are fine, but the attic is less than adequate.
(the windows are air-tight but are definitely not low-E)
There's just haphazardly-blown fuzzy dawdust-like (cellulose?) insulation on the attic floor, probably no deeper than 4 inches, barely covering in other areas. (honestly looks like they ran out and said "screw it")
It'll cost me under $300 to put up radiant barrier in the attic for the hot summers.
And about $800 to lay R-30 fibergass rolls on the attic floor for the cold winters.
And under $50 for some low-E window film on south- and west-facing windows.

The Universe says:

So since the tech that heat pumps have are being used in refrigeration, is there a way to make a set up where it can heat in the winter and cool in the summer?

jerrymyahzcat says:

Here in Australia we all use reverse cycle heat pumps. And you can just buy them anywhere. We bought one on sale ½ price and just paid an electrician to install it.

We have 3 split system heat pumps in our house now we installed the 3rd.

We also have a heat pump hot water system – which obviously isn’t reverse cycle. It only heats the water. But you can duct the cold air indoors if you choose.

Cold climate heat pumps exist everywhere (Canada, New Zealand, Europe) so I’m surprised they are not really a thing in the U.S. Sounds like the U.S. is well behind the rest of the developed world.

Andrew says:

in the UK our houses hot water comes from the same boiler as the radiators, if we went to air to air heat pump units what would that mean for hot water? How do people in the US currently heat their water in some of the places that dont have boilers? just with an immersive heater?

Clyde Marshall says:

I say no to the public policy angle. The federal government is already too big and bureaucratic

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