Heat Pumps: the Future of Home Heating

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It’s so cold that it’s hot.
Hey! So there have been a LOT of developments in the air-source heat pump space. A replacement for Part 2 is now live:

I referenced a lot of old videos in this one. Here they are, in clickity linkity form!
Chest Freezers; What they tell us about designing for X
Old-fashioned rice cookers are extremely clever
Reusable handwarmers that get hot by freezing
I also made passing references to
Forced-air Furnaces: The What, Why, and How
Portable Air Conditioners – Why you shouldn’t like them

If you’d like to learn about Ground Source (Geothermal) heat pumps, you can check out this video https://youtu.be/7zrx-b2sLUs

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Technology Connections says:

Hello! Here's a comment with some extra info on efficiency and the metering devices used in heat pumps.
First: my wording on the efficiency drop in the cold was sloppy, and it sounds like I'm suggesting the need for defrosting is the only reason it loses efficiency. It is a reason, but not the biggest one – that's simply that as the outdoor temperature gets colder, it's harder for the refrigerant to absorb heat because the temperature difference between it and the air gets smaller. In fact, in the clip when it was -10°, it wasn't building much frost at all because it was very dry. But that was so cold that the refrigerant could barely capture any energy, which is why its output was tepid. And to be clear, its rating down to 5° doesn't mean it operates at full efficiency at that temperature. That's just the lowest temperature that it can sustain its rated heating output.
Re: metering devices. I still somewhat suspect that the mini-split has a capillary tube and largely because of its cost. It was surprisingly inexpensive (this unit was about $1000, but the smallest units from this same manufacture only cost $750 and are fully capable heat pumps). If you use a thermal expansion valve or similar, you need one for each direction which adds to the system's complexity somewhat. I'd still argue that it hardly does – it is, after all, one or two small components of a large system. But simply reversing the refrigerant flow doesn't work on its own in systems that use these more complex metering devices. They'd need some additional piping and valve work (some such valves were visible in the demo rig) to accommodate two metering devices for each direction of flow.

AmericanPewDiePie says:

How do you get one of these installed? Are you supposed to mod your current AC? Seems difficult.

Rusland Slava says:

I'm 9 minutes in and thinking… " I'll punch myself in the eye if he says heat pump one more time "

calorion says:

Okay, wait, how can you get more than 100% of the energy out of natural gas? How does that not violate Conservation of Energy?

TheRealTeal says:

For once I can tell my mom, "Why YES, I DO want to air condition the whole neighborhood!"

Piereligio Di Sante says:

Many people, including me before today, have conditioners with heat functionality without even know that that's a heat pump, and the efficiency benefit of that way of heating. I heard about them but never got into detail in what they are, so I was totally unaware that I had one already. Damn, next winter I'll use these a lot more. Thanks for the informative videos about this. Trust me, here in Italy they would be great to be used (since now gas price has sky rocketed and we barely ever go below 0 celsius), but nobody use their ACs to heat their homes. It's needed a informative campaign, guess I'll do further calculations and some video about it, because this is important. I'm also amazed by the fact that in winter, you're making ambient temperature sliiiiiiiiiiiightly colder and not hotter how we always do with every other activity we basically do as humans

weston r says:

Won’t this eventually cause global cooling though if we’re taking all the heat from outside?

Hoe bag says:

27:00 "Air conditioning is practically a must"


banana junior 9000 says:

Serious question: Aren't 'heat fins' more properly refereed to be "heat vanes"? Also, another puzzling head scratcher: Why haven't point-source water heaters become the norm in North America?

CorvetteCat says:

I’ve always had boilers for heating and remain fond of the moist heat and reliability. I’d assume heat pumps are pretty dry sans additional humidification?

BillyTheKid says:

Praise the pump for it is mighty!

Sorry for being a dick previously lol. Still a great video to watch. Recently learned you can with a FAIR amount of work convert a heatpump into a AC as well.

Alexander Touchdown says:

I've been trying to find answers to this but I'm drawing a blank.
Can an AC unit dehumidify a room when not cooling a room? Say I set the dehumidify mode on my unit and set the temp to the same temperature of the room it's in, will it drain any humidity out the room or will it just blow air around?

Matt G says:

Nah i think I'll find a 5 minutes explanation with less anything attire.

Pineapple road says:

Air conditioning systems don’t seem to be very common in homes where i live, at least from what I’ve seen (none of the houses i have lived in had an AC)

Most houses here have a system which uses natural gas to heat water, and then that water is pumped around the house, these systems can be set up so that it is either heat everywhere or no heat anywhere, or they can be configured with multiple zones, each zone having a thermostat, although from what I’ve seen, in homes the heat everywhere or no heat anywhere configuration is the most common

Although there was one house which had what were essentially electric heaters in each room, i remember i ended up turning the one in my room off as the room got quite hot

Gabriel F. T. Gomes says:

Could somebody explain to me why a/c is "practically a requirement for basic survival" in southern US? Maybe it's a joke. I don't get it.

V3ntilator says:

Heat pumps is more like a retro thing in Norway. Been common for ages.
I own the top model Daisekai from Toshiba and that one heats up 2 floors. The great thing with heat pumps is that they are also coo down properly during tropical heat. Let's say there is 35 C degrees in the room. They can cool down to 16 C or so.
I don't recommend budget Heat Pumps. There is a reason why Daisekai 35 etc. costs more.

Richard says:

I'm in Indianapolis and my house is 100% electric have a central heat pump and it does very good at heating and cooling. The backup rarely has to come on. My bills are a lot lower than others I know who have a similar size house.

Ofoot Yeabicc says:

Why not run a gas heating system to keep the immediate surroundings of this outdoor component above 40F? Won't use gas to heat the whole house and the losses will(hopefully) be localized.

Deety says:

Excellent. Very informative.

Oscar Goldman says:

Why is there not a system that uses the heat produced by my refrigerator to heat my hot water?
Is this feasible? would it not be incredibly efficient?

Miles Chun says:

So, idiotic question coming up.

If the reaosning is that a heat pump is able to work as long as the outdoor temperature is higher than the boiling point of the refrigerant at a specific pressure, and the condensor is the limit of the achieveable pressure, what's to stop the use of substances with insanely low boiling points, such as liquid nitrogen, etc?

Chris C says:

Sure, they work great, unless it's cold out… then you are using coal or gas from the grid. I will check back in in 5 years, same with solar panels and EVs. For now this is all silly greentard BS…

Susan Chambless says:

Some people had reverse cycle air conditioners in Miami FL 50 years ago.

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