Here’s a fact about Rig Welding

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JA Mackerel says:

I want to meet the rig welder that makes $300k a year.

Adam L says:

What about underwater welders? What about B-pressure welders?

Kyle Kramer says:

Prayers for this gentleman

Cesar Huerta 1915 says:

60/70 hrs a week lol more like 20 hrs the rest is 🛌

Okay Okay says:

I’m ready for all of that !

boof stain says:

guess I might as well be a trucker

Seth Bos says:

I wanna get there

David Soto says:

chasing that money ole son!!!!!

Luke Kelchner says:

So say you just got all your welding certs, fresh off the line with nothing more than a piece of paper saying you can weld and a can do attitude, what path do you have to take to get at that pinnacle of rig welder? I know they’re not hiring 20 year olds fresh off the line so what should one of those 20 year olds start doing and shoot for over the next 5-10 years?

G King says:

Well if you work where I work EVERYONE is apparently top tier welders… shake my fucking head

Tristan Smillie says:

How much schooling?

Some Guy says:

I don’t have a family. Sign me up.

Juan Ortiz says:

How did you get your work out there for your career to kick off

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