Here's Why I Do NOT Buy CHEAP PLUMBING Tools! (5 Tools) | GOT2LEARN

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Here are 5 tools you should NEVER skimp out on as a plumber, or as anybody in fact. If you want the list of “good” tools to buy, check the Amazon links below.

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Pipe wrenches
Level (Torpedo levels)
– (EMPIRE 12″)
Pipe cutter (copper)
Adjustable pliers
– (10″ KNIPEX)
Time stamps
Intro – 0:00
Pipe wrenches – 1:04
Levels – 2:24
Pipe cutters – 3:49
Adjustable pliers – 5:16
Torches – 6:48
DISCLAIMER: Got2Learn is NOT responsible for any damage done to a property of which the plumbing wasn’t done by a professional, I do not recommend doing your own plumbing if you are unsure about what you are doing, always hire a LICENSED contractor when doing any type of plumbing so you can be covered by insurances if something does happen, these videos are for entertainment purposes only!


Got2Learn says:

Stuff I showed in this video (amazon affiliate links)

Pipe wrenches (14" RIDGID ALUMINIUM)

Level (Torpedo levels) (EMPIRE 12")

Pipe cutter (copper) (RIDGID) (LENNOX)

Adjustable pliers (10" CHANNELLOCK) (10" KNIPEX)


m x says:

Chineseium 🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😭😅🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Bruce Li says:

When you buy cheap, you buy thrice.

Macho says:

In the minute 1:20 he say that tool is American made, America or USA because “America IS NOT A COUNTRY” “America IS A CONTINENT” America is from Canada 🇨🇦 to Argentina 🇦🇷

david stock says:

Save 7.00 bucks tools, only to spend within thousands at er room, along with being out of commission/injured, can't work, lose in two catagorys.

Peanutbutter Jellyjam says:

Some people can only afford the lower priced tools. Also, don't forget, shitty products are made in America, too.

Jon says:

Always good content.

Cory Griffiths says:

If you’re a mechanic or something and use tools all the time then yes but if you’re a DIY like myself spending a fortune on tools makes no sense I have tools that aren’t high quality and I’ve had them for years and they do what I need them to.

larrytheplumber says:

Milwaukee all day son

wtian 2013 says:

Do not agree with your opinion. I have many cheap tools and lasted years and still works great. They works better than my name brand tools sometimes.

W. Ed Harris says:

Very informative! Confirms my take concerning quality tools!! Pay the extra for a quality tool and if taken care of, they will last a lifetime, not to mention they are SAFER !!! I can't stress that enough! I have tools that I've had 35 – 40 years which I'll be passing down to my kids after I'm gone! Really enjoy your channel! Keep up the great work! Subbed!

Pipe Layer says:

I do very similar work for a living and use almost the exact same tools and brands. Just about the only difference is I prefer the Turbo Torch that is air/acetylene, allows me to solder and braze without changing anything.

Exotic Car Facts Official Channel says:

Great video 😎👍 you definitely get what you pay for

Jose Romeo says:

When a brand makes a great quality product that lasts so many years, why not just buy a new one? How else are we going to support them staying with the quality and in business. Just my 2 cents. I get the whole "look at me, I got a lifetime warranty, I'm so smart" but bye bye Craftsman. bye bye USA made.

shockdocracing says:

Agree 100%! I bought some junk Husky pipe wrenches and they are absolutely JUNK. Wouldn’t hold the pipe without twisting. Kept running out of adjustment. Absolute junk.

DrCoconut465 says:

Have you tried the Princess Auto pipe wrenches? I have a couple of 18" aluminum ones that I use for HVACR (gasfitting plumbing etc.) and they've been really great.

jam says:

I use cheap made in China. And still does the job . The only difference is the price to compare American Japanese brand.

israel Munoz says:

What do you think about aluminium milwaukee pipe wrench?

Evelyn Farfellwooosh says:

Seems like there’s a need for Project farm video.

Pontus Enström says:

I think one advantage to a pipe cutter that comes apart is you can service it easier. For example cleaning. I was surprised that the Ridgid pipe cutter didn't have an opening stop and I would think that it had one at one time however as the stops are typically short spring pins it was probably lost.

othername1000 says:

I have these, for most I have multiples. I've got good quality stuff some of it's maybe 50 years old. Yard sales. Moving sales. Estate sales. $2 pipe wrenches, 25 cent tubing cutters, $4 channel locks, two for $5 hammers, $12 Craftsman socket sets (which dozens of sockets and three sizes of ratchets), tool pouches, squares, pitchforks, shovels, rakes, drills, bits, blades, etc. My drywall texture gun was $4.
You don't have to pay retail. You can find good quality stuff for not a lot of money. And you can get old stuff that's not half plastic. And you can use your crap tools, until you can find good quality tools and backups.
Heck I bought a vise, it's got a civil war era patent date on it, and probably weighs 80 lb. That was around $25. That's probably less than the shipping if I go to try to find something that large of that quality
And then there are sales and clearance for the cordless power tools and batteries. My smaller compressor was 75% off. A few days ago I bought an 18 volt Bosch rapid charger, the expensive one with the fan in it – not the one that comes with normal Bosch tools now. Clearance cart at Lowe's. $20.
But I can't wait till I need it. If I need it now I'm going to have to go to Home Depot. And I can't wait until the one I have now walks off, gets misplaced, or breaks. If there's no backup, I still have to go to Home Depot. And pay full retail unless I get lucky with the sale.
I've dropped a drill on the job and had to go to the backup.
I have also had a tool battery charger burn out on the job. I didn't have a backup. Took all the Bosch tools out of commission until I could get a charger. Had a drill back up in another brand, but no backup on the saws. That caused a delay.
Got lucky, there was a sale, I paid the extra $40 more than the charger would have cost me, I got the charger I needed. And the stuff I didn't need at the time: two extra batteries, another impact driver, and the drill became the backup I needed later.
If I bought it 2 years ago I have it. And there's a decent chance I only spent a dollar or two, for the hand tools anyway.
If you're wondering why Bosch? My original Bosch (brute tough hammer drill, impact, reciprocating, circular, with batteries, fast charger, spotlight, blades, bag) set was I think around $600, on clearance for $225. I only needed a drill immediately. That was about 10 years ago. The circular saw, reciprocating saw, and impact driver are still in use. The hammer drill I burnt out drilling concrete. They fixed it under warranty and then I set it on fire again. It's in the pile of things I might fix someday. They also sent me new batteries because they were getting weaker and I was still in the three-year Pro Vantage thing.
I've since picked up a Bosch rotary hammer that was $100 off. I've still got the lighter duty Bosch, and Makita ($75 clearance) hammer drills for the small stuff.
And I picked up a Makita impact driver as well, on clearance. One battery type would be ideal but, I did get an extra battery and an extra charger for the Makita. And they charge quickly.
And if I'm doing a job with more than one fastener type I can have two drill/drivers and up to 3 impact drivers all with different bits laying right there. With multiple batteries for each tool and 4 chargers. That definitely beats switching drill and drive bits every 30 seconds.
I don't have a backup circular saw, a cordless one anyway. Been kind of waiting and hoping on Rigid to come out with a brushless set with a circular saw that actually has the blade on the correct (left) side. I'm holding the wood in my left hand I want to be able to see the blade. That helps with accuracy and also not disemboweling myself. (Otherwise it's setting up saw horses, and all that safe stuff.) I'll pick up a set of Rigid. On sale of course. Lifetime service agreement, including the batteries that come with the tool.
If the Bosch goes down before then, I may have to do retail. But there is the yard sale hand saw if I need it now.
So basically after all this rambling: If you buy good stuff before you need it, you can get it at a good price.

covishen says:

What about my Dollar Tree level?

wize oldfart says:

Hi, What do you know about SHICK pipe wrench? I inherited one but cant find any information on it.

The Constitutionalist says:

I’ve owned Milwaukee, husky, ace, Lenox pipe wrenches in different sizes whe I was starting out in the trade. bought a 18” ridgid pipe wrench. Now that’s all I get 😂

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