Hidden cameras catch HVAC scam in action (Marketplace)

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We’re teaming up with Go Public to expose deceptive sales tactics being used to suck people into unfair HVAC contracts, years after some provincial governments banned door-to-door sales.

To read more: http://cbc.ca/1.6313723

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patrick mcglone says:

It all comes down to 1 thing..
M O N E Y!

Brian Ellis says:

These scum bags deserve the utmost pain and financial hardship for the remainder of their hopefully miserable lives.

Fishpest says:

Is the Government unwilling to change it's own laws .. to better protect it's own people from such nasty individuals ?

The Latansa Show says:

You have victims, you have old employees willing to talk, you have your so-called investigation but the government is unwilling to talk to you and no lawsuits against the company……hmm m

That is very interesting 😂😂😂

BLUERAY1611 says:

Preach to the rest of the world instead.

Pseudonymous' Plethora of Pinatas says:

who tf rents a furnace? are you high? Those Goodman forced air go for allot less at wholesale also. One of the cheapest systems out there.

Farah Sheikh says:

First world problems! Thanks marketplace for educating us. Hope these issues don't happen here in America.

Polar Diagnostic says:

I know some auto shops that need some undercover cameras.

Mark Parker says:

Lol that CEO guy had a ACER PC

Richard F Jr says:

at 15:33 he did not say 3 people he said tree people i did not know there was tree people lol

Cochice Cochran says:

What is this nonsense around renting HVAC systems

Braulio Banuelos says:

Un texas they do the same with the “Government Program” but with solar panels, but when it comes to pay property taxes that’s when you find out.

Paul O'Connor says:

Best luck in the world that you got that Axel guy to come for your inspection! Sooooo good!

Eliza Kwong says:

It is too late for me ,I signed up for this in September in 2021, if anyone help me to get out this contract,or show me what to do to get out this contract

Negusis 85 says:


She went from surprised to pissed off.

I feel her pain.

Sotzrem says:

And this is why I don't sign contracts without reading it completely on my own time and then refer to a legal advise before signing anything. So many scams out there I see it everyday.

Anthony Sigman says:

The furnace that she found online stating that it is $1800, while that single component is likely only that amount, they don't bother mentioning how much all of the other new equipment that goes with that costs. I am not trying to oppose their view on these shady business practices but your not going to install that unit yourself for $1800 even if you were a certified HVAC tech… That is just TV drama for you.

Me says:

Scammers are everywhere.
Trust no one.

WhatWillYouFind says:

Companies should NOT be allowed to do that. MSRP, paying in excess of a certain % above it should be cut off. A heater worth 1800ish, should NEVER be allowed to be sold up to 12,000 whether it is on a "plan" or not. These company owners deserve prison time. These sort of scams can RUIN an entire household.

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