Homemade CNC Machine! (6 months of work in 8 minutes)

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We designed and built our own DIY homemade industrial grade CNC milling machine to use for personal projects. This homebuilt machine is made from epoxy granite and has an 8 horse power spindle, servo motors all around, and an automatic tool changer. The machine weighs over 3000kg and works perfectly. All designs are my own and 100% original.

We built this machine to help us produce better quality molds for our homemade plastic injection machine. Building this DIY CNC machine at home taught us a lot about milling machines as well as the physics at play, and we hope you find this video enlightening as well.

Enjoy and post your questions 😃

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Rick Sanchez says:

First video and you're already light years ahead from most diy cnc youtubers LOL

Damien Norris says:

Dam thing is awesome! Well done guys.

Joshua Hoblitt says:

Is there a full BOM posted for this build? I don't know how to source 40 gallons of epoxy for less than $1500!

Traveling man says:

Thanks for your tutorial video i built my first cnc laith in two weeks 🦧🦍🤪

Ro Cuevas says:

How do you calculate the weight of the counterweight?

Ali Alsaqqa says:

Can you provide a full version of this video with all the details skipped here?

DrDamo says:

Fine work! I like your creative approach and boiling down the physics of vibration mitigation into engineering fundamentals. Granite + Epoxy is a great idea for damping plus mass.

সূর্য্য SUN uk says:

Awesome 👌

mike jones says:

Yea that seems easy enough..

Aheront says:

A behind the scenes that goes into some of the challenges with squaring the rails and making sure plates were flat and all that would be cool. Also super impressed with the router you guys just "threw together" in basically a weekend 😂

Marc L says:

money and time can go a long way

Design8Studio Doug Joseph says:

Absolutely impressive.

Anaon Industries says:

Next up: Homemade sandblaster!

Al Whatmough says:

@actionBox. I see you are using Fusion 360. I lead the Product Management team responsible for Manufacturing in Fusion 360. I'd love to connect with you! I am not sure how I am just finding your channel now!

gene neigoff says:

It looks like you have reached the 300,000 views and I was wondering if you are going to release the drawings and parts list. I was also wondering if you are going to release the design and software to the TOOL CHANGER. I would like to to compliment the video, it is one of the best videos I have seen on YOUTUBE. Keep up the great work.

wNG iMAGE aND dESIGN says:

Truly awesome build!

Taylor Kelley says:

Excellent! Hats off to you on this project, top notch creativity and work. I hope to own a CNC Milling maching of my own one day once I have a more appropriate amount of space… with all the parts, communication within the amateur machinist community, and improved technology readily available to the public at prices within reach I keep coming to the same conclusion that building my own makes more sense than buying one. Plus there is a tremendous sense of pride you get with building your own machine (if done well of course haha) and so much knowledge to gain along the way. Being intimately familiar with your machine and its capabilities is also priceless, no better way to know/learn this than building it from scratch!

Thanks for sharing your project! Seeing this get finished just spreads motivation and creativity to everyone who appreciates this stuff. I love how you just toss in the fact that you built a CNC router like it was no big deal… that is awesome all on its own!! Props to you, I love it! Excellent excellent excellent job!!

Jasko says:

Can anyone share any input on that LCD controller? Is that a purchased unit??

monstercolorfun co says:

I don't know if this will be useful to you one day: Lead is the best heavy vibration damper ever, because it is heavy and soft, if the lead is absorbs vibrations as motion, the weight and flexibility causes very high virbation absorption, i.e. lead speaker cladding.

Tim_ay says:

Cool video guys

Werp says:

Really nice job guys! Thanks for sharing

Віталій Тимчук says:

It is interesting how were made first machine tools in the world when there were no machine tools?
It is an interesting topic to discuss

Віталій Тимчук says:

Interesting video

Vlatko Poposki says:

Can you tell more about the belt ATC. Where did you buy that kind of part, BT40 or BT30. I can see that you are using servo Spindle. Tell us more about that to if youbare willing… nervously waitingbfor your replay:)

patrick brown says:

Impressive! To build but also design & incorporate, components for mechanical, electrical, pneumatic functions is amazing, be great to hopefully make it available to others to utilise? Great work!

msonst says:

I'm wondering… why epoxy and not cement to add weight?

Glocksock says:

What size ballscrews did you use?

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