Homemade Sheet Metal Pressing Tool | Sheet Metal Press | Door Decor

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Dear you all,
Today I would like to introduce how to make Sheet Metal Pressing Tool.
It is very easy to make and use to use when press sheet metal.
About welder in this video, you should refer detail at here: http://bit.ly/30T55h0
I hope you feel interesting in my video.
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Thank you so much!.


Damian Delgado says:

No entendí la función de los engranajes, igualmente es una muy buena herramienta

Zenebe Shimelis says:

baxaa mirxx naw jagnaa nah😊😮

Francisco Das Chagas Da Cruz Ferreira says:

Muito profissional.

aleana parra says:



Loter manual sngt Quality 👍🤝 indonesia 🇮🇩

Romano Schwabel says:

how thick is the metal sheet you worked on?

Chris F says:

is better at 2x speed

Bandilla73 says:

very nice idea it's cool Thnks for sharing this video.

Enes Lafraicheur says:

Mucha gracias

Performance Race Garage says:

Why you put a gear on the back if you put barrings on the frond, the rods turn not ad all so why not weld them to.

Performance Race Garage says:

Why you put on the back a gear and in the frond barrings. The rods are not turning ad all. Just weld them to.

a b says:

Why did you use gears?
Ä°t looks useless because of bearings

Aguinel Martins says:

Amigo estou impressionado com esse projeto, gostaria de saber a medida dos rolamentos, das engrenagens e de onde elas foram tiradas e ela consegue frisar chapa até qual grossura?

Calys Agora says:

FOUR video links completely covering up the entire frame of the one close up of the end result…?

SMH. Was the result really THAT bad???

George Spangler says:

Nice,, how heavy gauge metal can you roll? In mild steel

CB Carper says:


Ralph Vannaman says:

What good are the gears on the end doing ?
You are just pushing the metal through , so the gears are useless.

wawan teknik says:

Amazing goo jobs brotther

Z. Gallastegi says:

Nice video, but if I build this tool I'm not able to do this forms. Behind this man are maaaany of working hours to do it as easily as we can see in the video.

Gonzalo Ruis says:

no gooooooood

DEP Channel Universal says:

Amazing brother…👍👍

Gregory Catren says:

Very cool…thank you for sharing this with us…

Alin Suharlan says:

Saya beli punya abang boleh gk

Lensa Pertanian says:

Good idea..

Surendra Rathore says:

Masin prise

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