How 2-Stage Cascade Refrigeration Systems of Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers Work

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This is how the 2-stage cascade refrigeration system of an ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer works. In this video we show you all the components and explain the function of each part. Our stock in ULT freezers varies throughout the year, but you can view this page to see the freezers we currently have available for purchase:

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Paul Taufalele says:

We currently have a -80c freezer that is liquid cooled and it keeps having issues maintaining temperature. Does the second stage suction line temperature have a role in this? We see an identical model with a much higher temperature for this component than our freezer when it's struggling to maintain -80c.

Mhg Handsa says:

What is the freon of the 2nd stage that make temp – 80 C and which freon type can work with 404a comp

Musa Kavalci says:

Great stuff. Thanks for sharing

dantebg says:

Thank you for the series of videos! By any chance do you know what the red / blue wires you can see @4:50 next to the battery are for?

snapdragon 805 says:

Is it possible to get a cascade system down to minus 270 degrees Celsius??

No Coast says:

awesome channel my man, So cool to see a proper detailed rundown of these cascade/science equipment. Keep it up

AirTin says:

Great video pl help me

AirTin says:

Thanks sir but pl show heat exchanger photo with copper tube in attached with ss chamber without fill in puff means complete video how to soldering Cooper tube with chamber and how to heat exchange second stage to first stage heat exchange pl show pl photo and video means I am trying your tips I shall be very thankful to you I think first stage compressor gas r404 and second stage gas r23 or 508 b and my question is one condesor use in both stage

Saab life says:

I can't see any service valves how do you guys brake in to the system line tap ?
Also dose the system run in defrost Hot gas or electrical ?
I would to see the heat Exchanger inside the unit maybe next video
Whats the Refrigeration unit uses

Bharat Bhushan says:

Ak sath dono compresar nahi chal rha hai kya problem ho Santa hai

Lulama Mzayiya says:

I wished for more, flow diagram through all components especially after correction. Otherwise it’s good to see the components

Francisco Santoro says:

Great video. Thank you for making the corrections, it was even a good exercise to figure out what they where pointing out.

snapdragon 805 says:

What refrigerant do these systems use?
Do both stages use different refrigerants?

Gengar X says:

Would like to see the evaporator. Are there evaporator fans?

Correy Dean says:

what should pressures be?

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