How a CNC Helped Me Generate $5000 in Sales in under 48 Hours

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Illustratio Spectrum Studio Light (ISSL) says:

Amazing Family, thanks for Your Light Bussines Idea. Regards from Poland. Good luck and God bless Your Family. I give sub.

Dan Kay says:

Mid-range machines used for panel processing and signage are likely to cost anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000. High-end machines often cost $50,000 to $150,000. On top of that, it takes around four or five years of combined education and on-the-job training to become fully trained.

Doesn't seem to be an option for many of us.

This old man says:

Suggestion…..try a sanding mop in your drill press to clean up the fuzzies. Get a 240 grit mop, play with the drill press speed. Works great cleaning up edges.


I just came to learn what those things were and only got that he sold a lot. What do they do?!

Tom Butler says:

Think about using a strap to hold the sander down. With a quick release 🧐

Quiet Profit says:

what tf does it do. what is it?? at no point do you say what this is or does. i watched the whole damm thing

Samuel Adams says:

This must be the guy who does the short videos with all the Makita. That's a big wood shop.

Jordan Miller says:

well done mate

Anon Ymous says:

That’s great… whatever the efk it is.

Apparently it never dawned on your to inform the viewer as to exactly what you’re talking about. 4:31 until you even reference “tool holder”.

Gary Hughes says:

What is it plz. I looked for the first video but couldn't find it 😭

Bill G says:

Got a Quick question for ya. how do you get a square inside corner on your CNC machine… "Box Joint" Edge on your project… I have yet to figure out how a round spinning bit can make such a nice sharp corner like you have.

Joe Cooper says:

Underrated channel

RPRsChannel says:

So, while I was watching a podcast, I had this video on aswell; on mute. I did not get what it was you made, but I am happy you are happy.
Soo, I watched the video again, this time with sound…and still no clue what you made; but you are happy and positive and that's all that matters.

Edit for spelling.

Fernando Quiceno says:

What wood are you using that you have stacked up?

Mustafa says:

WOw 3:01 How can it cut without using tabs? How can the pieces stay intact?

Maycle Campbell says:

What is it?

Bob Wallace says:

Congrats on hitting a home run with your product. It’s simple but efficient. Hope you sell millions!!!

SURAJUDEEN Alutuko says:

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pat noonan says:

Hey I'm so glad for you. you seem to be doing what you love your a lucky man

Pedro says:

Great that you dont get mad with your girls 🙂 … it was human to "bring them in the show"… don't cut stuff like this out :)! Good luck

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