HOW A CNC router can make #$5,500 per week 3D carving Art Décor relief from $ 0.10 firewood logs

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55: A CNC 6090 router turns a $ 0.10 firewood log into Art Décor,
Hi, have a look at Avid CNC machines at,
The Benchtop PRO 2424 2′ x 2′ the PRO 2436 2′ x 3′ and the PRO 3636 3′ x 3′ CNC Router Machine. These machines are extremely rigid and highly accurate, and tell them I sent you ok.

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LG says:

Where do you sell your carved products?

fo22est gump says:

I'm so glad you didn't edit out the end! I was cracking up when your phone went off.


сразу надо было цилиндр диаметром 100 и за 1 проход)

Stefano Gobetto says:

Good Easter! My compliments, very nice job, congratulations! Please can you also to explain what program you used and also when you create the gcode? Thank you and ciao from Italy!

The LHP train says:

Love the ending. Still looking for the red box…

Mark Gearing says:

Roger, mate, buy a bandsaw.

Naskuhl says:

It's nice, but you never will sell it for 39000$

S.E Samawi says:

Lol, if you manage to sell that for 50 bucks i'de be amazed, who would have a sane mind & buy that piece for more than that


What was the electricity bill on those numbers

Michael Tristan says:

Ancient civilizations used to create these in stone with primitive tools.

Roger Bolinger says:

Hello Roger, fellow Roger here. Good to see another proper Roger with no d. I love your videos and the attention to detail, keep them coming sir.

James Espedido says:

Thank you for sharing!

David Paradis says:

Why wouldn't you just rip the log down on a band saw to get the flat face?


Buying a 6090 brought me here, at 53, following your path!

vasia visilievic says:

Seriously? 10 grand for one day of work?

music is Life says:

wow can you teach mi sir plzz

Xavier M says:

Hi like your video, at the end is better show the details of the art instead of the bloopers. After spending time watching the process, will be nice to appreciate the final. I learned from your tips. Thanks.

Johnny Pacheco says:

Very nice, which CNC router do you use?

Hanaan Rosenthal says:

So for the title… CNCC machine cannot make you dime – you have to research, design, market, sell, learn, and … then… the CNC will carve it for you. You can't make it without the machine, but the machine is a small part of making money…

Eric U says:

Roger, I'm looking into buying a CNC machine and wondered if you had a recommendation for a respected company to learn from and make my purchase. I'd like something like the 6040 machine you have in your videos as I think it would serve my purpose. Thanks in advance.

john cuervo says:

My feelings were hurt that you didn't start with a flat edge on that piece of wood.
Woodmill, chainsaw, bandsaw, wedge and hammer

The Openminded Skeptic says:

You must have a dust shoe and a vacuum, look at the pile behind you! Take care of those lungs.

Frenk Vortice says:

Did anyone baught it?

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