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This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey instructs Kevin O’Connor on the basic principles of how a heat pump works.

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The heart of the heating and cooling system will be a heat pump. This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey uses a mock up and props to show host Kevin O’Connor the mechanics of the latest state of the art heating and cooling system. Heat pumps have compressors, valves, and fans that regulate speed and opening so a system can evenly maintain itself and keep temperatures steady to the exact degree.

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How a Heat Pump Works


Frederick Bowdler says:

Should be titled how heat pumps don't work!

curiousfever85 says:

Well said 👏 simple way to explain it

Christian Iantosca says:

Great explanation of a mysterious principal

S Wessel says:

Thank you !!! Excellent production !!!

Surender Singal says:

Great demo on showing us expansion n reversing valve mystry demo.

Scott Howell says:

Finally, after a week of runaround and sophisticated jargon, I heard just what I needed. Thanks, and I believe I am now a "This Old House" super fan.

Kevin Szatmary says:

This is the best explanation for the layman. Other videos I've seen on this topic were too technical for my non-mechanically inclined brain. This video was perfect. Thanks.

Efficient Me With Somto says:

You’ve got it perfectly explained, I love the the enthusiasm

ML says:

You are amazing. I'm 64 and never understood this process, because nobody could ever explain it to me so well. Thank you so much 🙂 Maurice

Dark Lotus says:

How safe is it compared to a gas/electric furnace

Mondavou says:

Thanks for taking the time to build that model, it made it very easy to understand. Well Done!

jab0lpunk says:

I'd bet 5 years old can understand this now! thank you!

Sejdini Service Ripair Electric Tools says:

Geothermal air energy, 😎

dappa311 says:

Excellent video!

John Murphy says:

If you could edit all of Kevin's comments out, this would be a much more informative presentation. When Richard is trying to explain an important point, the awkward "What, what" filler comes in.

Michael Ferri says:

Now I understand why it is cold up in the sky because the pressure is less and it is hotter in the earth because the pressure is high

Jeff says:

Richard is such a great educator. I could never get my head around how AC works until now. Side note : I love Richard in his black v-neck, if he went for the shaved head look he would look just like Vic Mackey!

Coreys Gmail says:

Can you heat a three foot section on a 25 ft wall and still stop the freezing?
My pipe that freezes is on the sill above the basement foundation and first floor
And I have no access, so I need to make a cut in the sheet rock in one section

Joanna Santucci says:

Excellent explanation!!! Thank you 😊

Allen Talbert says:

This man is to adults today what Mr. Wizard was (for those of us with enough years !! ) to us at 10 yrs. old back in the 60's !!!! ….and the market is always looking for bigger and better refrigerants that will not harm the planet .

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