How a Home AC Works For Dummies

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A simple explanation of how a home AC ( air conditioner ) works. An air conditioner video for dummies, meaning it’s not a video for technical engineers..This video is lacking in long technical words, the engineering of the AC unit, and does not explain the science of why the air conditioner system does what it does. Just a basic and easy to understand video to help better understand how a central home air conditioner works.
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PostcardsbyMiaKim says:

Bro, I'm a 4th year mechanical engineering student and I'm learning more from you than my professors…. I should be paying you for my Advanced Thermo class 🙂

Darkone Mylife says:

😐 im still lost

Alex Beckham says:

Good explanation

Greg Jones says:

Couldn't hot and cold be thought of in terms of energy? Perhaps as an analogy rather than exact science. But what if cold was say negative energy or a negative trending temperature let's say not less necessarily but an equal opposite to the hot or to the positively trending energy. Then with the thought that they are equal opposite power to each other when the heat transfer which is actually heat and cold transfer happens, the heat does indeed go towards the cold side and the cold goes towards the hot side simultaneously. Perhaps in a way that a battery discharges energy? Which is probably debate worthy as well. But some people think of battery theory in terms of electron flow which is negative to positive. Some people think of current flow which is positive to negative. Perhaps both indeed happen at the same time. Both Temperature and stored electrons (voltage) are not bound to stay in one state permanently but will discharge to varying degrees with certain conditions . Where eventually all stored energy is made neutral or dissipated.

S McD says:

5:51 the fan shown here looks like it used to have 3 blades but now it has 2.2

Dayu Yuan says:

Love the explanation.

Balaji Akkayyagari says:

guessed correct!

Emmanuel C. Chijioke says:

Very well explained

Mia says:

Great explanation!!!! You made it easy to understand 👌

Space Captain says:

This is an AWESOME description! Thank you! Question: What causes the air sucked in through the sides, and out the top of the outside unit to be cooler than the coolant running through it? Will it simply not work if it's a particularly hot day? Is it relying entirely on the compressor to heat the coolant sufficiently? How much heat is added via compression?

Viviana Pena says:

You're awesome. Thanks you for the work that you do.

adamjlamb says:

Very helpful analogies …thanks!

Lance Giles says:

What would be the main reason the older A/C systems loose efficiency? Compressor, metering device, or refrigerant?

Ted Willmann says:

This video was perfect. I am better for watching it.

Dorothy’s Child says:

I got the puzzle!

VKash says:

funny puzzle

People Ofthefoos says:

Ever since a technician came to my house I been really sick with thyroid problem and headaches can anything they did or have done cause this maybe a possible leak .?

lajuan johnsonbtc says:

Its always good to review. Good job

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