How Air Conditioner Works – Parts & Functions Explained with Animation.

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In this video, we will learn how an Air Conditioner Works, by discussing the different parts and the functions of different parts through animation.

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Pritam Sarkar says:

very bad explaination….explain in such a way that anybody would understand…u r only targeting science students….use simple language with examples explaining every important phenomenon happening in a cycle of flow in the circuit

Amit Patel says:

Love frm india

Mohammad Ismail123 says:

It's really …well for people.
May we get a video about for all of refrigerant ?

Belly Tosh Music says:

Thanks for sharing ,,,,, I have learnt alot

Roarless says:

Thank You it was very Helpful


Explained really well through graphics & Animation but what about the drain pipe?

Ammy Cruise says:

How about humidification

Jello Luis says:

What cause if the temperature goes down?the settings is 7 but it goes down to negative 1

Vincent Kennedy McMahon says:

This is much better explanation than the other much viewed videos

Jose Elmar Juanico says:

Thank you for sharing god.bless

Manoranjan Upadhyay says:

U should uploaded this video in hindi languges


Very helpfull video for me 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 and everyone

Unknown Academy 1Minute says:

I am Mechanical Engineer ❤️❤️

Jason Eldred says:

What about low ambient control values, and accumulators?

Scott Liddicoat says:

W-e-l-l d-o-n-e !

John Smith says:

Wish this was in English

Chi Ho says:

Very clear explanation. Thank you.

Bobby Dhuth S says:

A very fine explanation , I like it

Rahul Bhosale says:

thank you so much mam its a really helpful info

Anurag Patel says:

Loved the explaination🔥

rajendran raj says:

It's said ,apart from chilling,mixing process is there,which is also vital.

Phaisal Jaorasdr says:

Very well explained and easy to understand with the animation.

One of the questions I have is how much pressure does compressor have to increase so that refrigerant temperature will be higher than ambient air temperature. Is the compressor equipped with some type regulator that measures outside temperature and compresses the refrigerant so that the temperature is higher than outside air temperature.

Chethan Bhat B S says:

Wonderful explaination very helpful to exams

Madushan says:

Thanks you
Good work

Tahin Mirza says:

Thank you so much mam

ben lacano says:

Now i know, thank you so much for the lecture, it helps me a lot to know the basic functions of an AC.

Md Anamul says:

Dear sister it's a nice video to understand about AC thank you.

You Own You says:

This is way better than any other tutorial I saw on YouTube. Because you actually explained what everything does instead of tossing a bunch of random names around and providing no explanation like literally every other vid on YouTube from crappy teachers. Mechanics are just terrible teachers 😂

Noob Craft says:

It wasn't an animation it was a Drawing Please Don't Clickbait

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