How Air Conditioning Is Warming The World

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Summer 2021 is shaping up to be one of the hottest in history, as the effects of climate change are becoming ever clearer. Naturally, that’s led to an increase in global demand for air conditioning, which itself is a major contributor to global warming. It’s a vicious cycle, but there are a number of companies working to make heating and cooling more energy efficient, and get buildings off of fossil fuels for good.

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How Air Conditioning Is Warming The World


John Smith says:

Thank you. So sad no one will let this go.

Terence Iutzi says:

I don't know about other places but here in Ontario we like to put our official weather stations right next to huge AC condenser units in stead of out in a field surrounded by grass like they are supposed to be so of cours they are warming the world or so we think! But we really have no idea what the temperature is doing!

CallmeOsho says:

If the world has to burn so I don’t have to, so be it. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Alliah Cain says:

This is what you supposed to feature lol

Jamal Collier says:

Air conditioning also produce so much heat into the environment

Sun Tzu says:

0:47 to 0:54 is really why air conditioning is warming the world.

InstinctGhost YT says:

How ironic😂

Jeff Zirzow says:

How about a little focus on passive heating and cooling in another production? Active systems require robust and highly technical equipment and infrastructure to work where as passive means are simple functioning systems. It would be a good approach by not putting all you eggs in one . approach. I am not dissing the high tech route, but if there is another route, why not explore that as an option first, especially in places where the technology does not fit, due to cost, complexity, or lack of infrastructure.

FreeGuy says:

That guy Donnel Baird (CEO and Founder of Blocpower) seems like a great salesman, fundraiser, and speaker.

mzs114 says:

12:04, lol, just for some "representation" they select random races and a woman for a domain which is overwhelmingly male dominated. 😀

Jackie Pie says:

If it's hot take a shower and don't dry off before putting on your clothes.

Tony T. Michaels says:

When everyone who has 1 million or higher net worth does away with air conditioning I'm in. Not going to happen. Wake up.

No More says:

How do they always find a foreigner that doesn't speak English good?

No More says:

Coldest winter as well. Most snow where it shouldn't snow. It's not getting hotter.

Jocelyn Joseph says:

It's possible to have greenery within a building so that a friendly environment to humans is maintained.

Camilo Cardenas says:

The future and what await us.

Chris's Fishes says:

Meanwhile Phoenix AZ had its best summer in memory. We had loads of rain to refill our reservoirs. 4 days in a row under 100 deg. in August, the hottest month for us normally. Last summer we had more days over 110 deg than any other year on record.

jzero4813 says:

Air conditioning isn't a problem. Dirty electricity is the problem. Everyone wants electric cars soon – electricity demand is going to absolutely skyrocket. What we need is enormous amounts of clean electricity. We already know how to make that – we just have to do it. There is no technical problem – it's a political problem. Grid storage is a solution. Nuclear is a solution.

Ryan Roberts says:

Whoever wrote/produced this nonsense has absolutely no understanding of current HVAC systems or electricity. You should be embarrassed.

xinceras - says:

"Poor people need to give up their air conditioning, but private jets, dozens of mansions, and luxury yachts are all fine for rich people!"
Stay classy, Western media.

Kuurth says:

Climate change is such boring news, we get it. New world green agenda yatayayta, yes we get it.

Youil Aushana says:

"We want something done about this…." "We need Money!" "Lets get it from our enemies, THE CAPITALISTS!!" "Yeah, that'll work great!"

Jshift4Lo says:

I was really into taking care of the Earth and was genuinely concern about Global warming. Wanted to jump on the band wagon and fight global warming until I realize that countries and corporations has learn how to capitalize Global Warming through carbon credits.

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