How Air Conditioning Works

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A 3D animation showing how central air conditioning works in a split-system setup. Cinema 4D was used to create each individual part, as well as animating everything. Corona renderer was used for all 3D rendering.

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3D models in this animation:

I’m very passionate about learning and making things easy to understand. I hope my hard work is able to help others learn as well.

0:00 Intro
0:10 Components
0:31 Thermostat
0:38 Refrigerant
0:55 Compressor
1:13 Condenser
1:36 Metering Device
2:10 Evaporator
2:22 Blower
2:36 Airflow
2:55 Condensation
3:30 Credits


KitchenPro Foodservice Parts & Supply says:

Beautiful video. Well done Sir.

Jed’s Garage says:

Explained beautifully

Jose Aldape says:

I love this animation, i knew absolutely nothing on how the HVAC System in my home worked, but after this video, i have a good grasp on the basics !! I looked through your other animations and i can tell you worked hard on making them, i appreciate your hard work ! You just gained a new subscriber !

Himanshu Dey says:

Can you tell me how fresh air is taken by the system?

00UncommonSense00 says:

Our air handler is in the attic. Mice made a nest by the condensate drain pipe and it became plugged with insulation. The water had no where to go so it just over flowed and went into the ceiling. I came home from work on a 100° day and when I walked in it was raining in my kitchen which is below the air handler. It was such a mess. Tool a week to dry out enough to begin cleanup. So make sure that drain line is clean and clear.

beard gawd says:

Master the basics

大谿ステークス says:


Cristian Jimenez says:

All these days of videos and diagrams and I finally found one that helped me grasp it! Good stuff!

Saudi Ranger says:

I will make it easy , when you apply high pressure on liquid or gas then release it from that high pressure, it is get deep cold temperature, the best gas used is the Amonia , but because it poisonous they adopted Freon gas instead , so that is the recap of this video

ORGANIZED CoNfUsioN Drones says:

That was an excellent explanation. Great video, thank you.

Batuhan Galileo says:

Thank you for the Turkish translation.

Bryant Peoples says:

Can I take the test now? I def feel like i'm certified now

South Me says:

make more video please

Stephen Veerasammy says:

Definitely leaving a like. Thank you

Mr Wolf says:

0:01 like the arrows in the words

Cool says:

I love the explanation and the animation. Keep it up bro👍

Michael Boisvert says:

Thank you for not asking for a like share and subscribe. Liked and subbed. Keep up the good work.

Corey Spitzley says:

I started with the shotgun and I'm now here. You deserve to be paid for doing this. Hopefully someone out there recognizes it for your sake.

Ben G says:

So it's basically like an oldschool refrigerator. This is a similar concept in car HVACs right?

Clissile says:

Sir can you make video about how car and motorcycle can actually move or what inside the machine.. im quite curious about that sorry for bothering

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