How an Air Handler & Heat Pump Work!

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In this HVAC Video, I Explain How a Heat Pump Provides Heating and Cooling, along with Defrost and Electric Resistance Strip Heating. I Show each Component and the Role they Play in Operation! Supervision is needed by a licensed HVACR Tech while performing tasks as Experience and Apprenticeship garners Wisdom and Safety.

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RectorSeal Bubble Gas Leak Detector
Fieldpiece ST4 Dual Temp Meter

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Nylog –

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Ameriflame Oxy Acetylene Torch Setup #1 &#2 Tip –
40cu B Tank to 10cu MC Tank Acetylene Tank Fitting –
Nitrogen Regulator –
Uniweld NitroVue Flow Regulator –
Uniweld Nitrogen Flow Meter –
Uniweld Soft Flame Sweating Torch Setup for Acetylene –
Stay Brite #8 Silver Bearing Solder and Flux –
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Bradley Watson says:

I see a lot of AC systems set up like this is it the same for a downflow setup for me I'm in a manufactured home my indoor coil is up top blower fan is on the bottom on top of a 20kwh heat strip I assume that the coil can be placed either on top or bottom depending on how it distributes air?

Irvin Yee says:

What makes the mini split more efficient then this heat pump? I'm in N. CA around San Jose looking at getting one of these to replace my old HVAC system. Will this unit be economical for this area for both heat and AC?

Bensy Bency says:

At first, I couldn't learn anything from your videos. I stayed patient; I did some hands on and read some more about AC. Now I find all your Videos to be the best out there and I learned so much more by watching them. Thank you for uploading.

Chase Cash says:

Changed out a heat pump ac with a regular ac 24 v to thermostat not giving connection I fucked up

James Collins says:

You are indeed a very good instructor! Thank You. I’m just getting back into the trade after 30 some years after my initial training. I don’t why and never have know why they would install heat pumps in the northeast! But that’s me. My question is; in defrost mode, isn’t the “indoor” coil blowing cold refrigerated air over the auxiliary heat? Thank You again for all of your videos. Jim

Keenan Rochester says:

I just replace my thermostat, now my fan will not turn off, even when I shut off thermostat fan is still running. Pulled the Fuses from Wall and it shut off, Woke up this morning plug the fuses back in the wall, the fan came back on, turned on the thermostat to cool now the fan won’t kick on, we’re in triple digits please help

Brian West says:

Great information. Thanks for the knowledge.

Ed Lauren says:

Thank you for your videos! You've got the talent on teaching. I learn a lot very time I watch your classes! Thank you !

Twon Ace says:

Watched this whole video and immediately decided to buy your book on Amazon to support, good stuff. I wish I had seen this a year ago

The Ice man Series says:

So what if the unit in the heat mode has a pressure of 500 plus then locks out but runs ok in the AC mode? 
Does this means that the TXV is bad on the HP?

Samsung Galaxy says:

Great explanations and I really love the way you laid the indoor handler and outdoor unit side-by-side. This is so much clearer to me now. I also like the way you explain the defrost process. I'd love it if one day you could expose the inside of outdoor unit and walk us through the sequence of operation along with the indoor air handler. Thank you again!

Dan V says:

Does a Goodman heat pump when in defrost mode, should the blower in the air handler be on?

Joseph Myrick says:

Hello I'm working on a Lennox split system. For some reason I'm always getting low voltage to my O terminal when I'm calling for heat. Ac come on. Why?

EagerAmoeba TGS says:

Just started my first job in HVAC as a service tech apprentice just a week ago and we've serviced quite a few heat pumps. So I have to say this video along with the other videos I've been watching on your channel have helped fill in the gaps where I was completely lost while in the field 😅 I have taken a semester of classes but thats nothing compared to what you actually need to know when out on a job. But I'm feeling much more confident and can't wait to learn more

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