How CO2 Laser Cutters work and …Why you might want to build one!

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While I’m waiting for parts to arrive I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick video on the basics of CO2 Laser Cutters. I briefly cover the topics.
What is a Laser Cutter; How does it work; What types of material can it cut; Why you want to DIY Build your own; What’s happening in the next video.

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Minra Vex says:

Can this 100 watt laser tube cutt 18mm mdf once

Minra Vex says:

How do u take payment….PayPal or ….PayPal is convenient for me

Minra Vex says:

Do u have a total bill of materials for 100w laser

Minra Vex says:

Can I build one for my worshope

Suleyman Arikan says:

It's great 101!
I would like to build or buy one, I couldn't get the tips from your video but what kind of filter that we use the catching the fume from cutting process?

NikSpace says:

After 2 years of planning and 2 months of building. My machine is finally ready. Of course need some calibration but I wanted to thank you. Thank you fo sharing your knowledge. And helping me and other to build something like that. I am already making present for my family and friends and who knows maybe make a business out of this. Wish you the best.

PS: Big thanks to the Facebook community.

Jarod Morris says:

I'm from Oklahoma City where Steven Adams played for the Thunder (NBA) for years. If y'all have a similar attitude and outlook as him… I think I want to move to New Zealand.

zakarya SID EL AZARA says:

Good work. All of your videos are inductif. Thank you. Good continuation

Christopher Carpenter says:

I have about 75% of the parts in, just a week or so away from build. Love your guides.

Louis Liguore says:

Can a laser cut material in multiple passes allowing the focus point to be moved down with each pass. This would make cutting thicker material more feasible.

Balluba Fishing says:

i work on a 2500 w co2 laser. i cut metal sheets at 15 mm thickness clean and nice. this video helped me urderstand more than i already know. ty

Cody says:

I have no idea how I did but I was able to engrave a plate of stainless steel with a cheap diode lazer it was on full power and I put 75 passes on it that took well over 2 hours for a 4×4 logo

Mr Money says:

I got 2 lazor tubes up for sale in Australia

ASES says:

La olum ücretsiz versene tasarımı. 3 gündür uğraşıyorum..

Martin Meo says:

Well done. Good introduction for the project. Thank you.

Anurag Hatkar says:

In terms of fabrication of ferrous and non ferrous materials, which is better, CNC or Laser, if laser then which type regardless of cost?

sandeep dodke says:

Nice explain bro.

Haley Pryor says:

I have always believed that I was the only person that says rocket surgery. I get corrected every time I say it. That you for the validation.

elyes elabed says:

this channel is gold

Noraqilah Rahman says:

For 6 minutes talking without really showing who it works? Plz include with demo, with a real piece material

Christian resources says:

Couldn't you add a Z-axis to the focus head and cut a shallow cut then back up lower the Z-axis and cut deeper… a long focal lenght would be bennifical…

Meriem Nadjla Drabla says:

Very informative, but i have a question though… Does the CO2 cutting machine cut a 1mm plate of silver or gold for example? If the power of the machine is 50w?
And what machine do you recommend for that (cutting 1mm plate of silver or gold)? I want to start my jewelry business and i am a little bit lost 🙄

for Makers says:

Really good video!!!

M Iqbal says:

That's it… Enjoying making.. 👍

Jell Jell says:

amazing explanation, thanks a lot for taking the time to explain these facts to us. full respect

Rob T says:

L.A.S.E.R.S. disproving the greenhouse gas back radiation hypothesis since 1917.

Shashank Kamble says:

You can call us for any laser problem +918983791357

Abubaqar Nagori says:

I want to add a laser which can cut acrylic to my cnc router

Steve of the beach says:

I am waiting for the day I can buy or make a laser cutter in the form of a "hedge trimmer". One that won't start the hedge on fire. Am I dreaming from another planet ??

twistedyogert says:

Do the tubes wear out? Any safety tips?

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