How do CNC machines work?

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What is a CNC machine? Scrolling through your social media, you have probably come across videos of machines carving materials into various shaped objects in a precise and soothing manner. These are called CNC machines. Although they can work quite effectively as ASMR videos, their main purpose has nothing to do with helping you fall asleep.

What does a CNC machine do, then? Considering their presence and utilization in the various fields, they do quite much!

Dating back to as early as the 1940s these machines have been indispensable for industrial manufacturing. Thanks to their speed which can not be provided by live operators, it has been possible to mass-produce the materials we use in our daily life. From router machines to waterjet cutters, CNC machining is used in various forms and there is not only one type of CNC machine but three. The most common one is the CNC milling machine and engineers love them. Some programmers even make home CNC machines! However, although these versatile machines are quite handy, they have their shortcomings as well.

These machines have been in our lives since the industrialization of the world and do not seem to be going anywhere soon. If you are wondering about how these machines work and what their ups and downs are.

We highly recommend you watch this video to satisfy your curiosity and do not forget to unmute the video as merely watching the relaxing visuals can make you sleepy.

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Bappaditya Mondal says:

actual video starts 2:29

Aurelius LSGF Industries says:

Very informative Video 👍

Xz36 says:

Did you know that your first clip is from a waterjet channel, where they screw around and break stuff with NO PRECISION?
No one who made this video or at least the description knows anything about CNC work. Look at this: "Although they can work quite effectively as ASMR videos, their main purpose has nothing to do with helping you fall asleep." If you enjoy the sound of AN EXTREMELY LOUD SHOP with constant screeching endmill chatter and loud tool changes, THEN YOU ALSO PROBABLY FALL ASLEEP TO SAW II type movies.. You would actually have to be a monster.

Lucky Turn says:

We got a wide variaty in our company… We got curve guided lathes wich work automated via mechanical inputs from the curves the index b60… The followup model with the first cnc computer the index gb65 basicly a b60 with a casing and a Computer up to the high tech c/g200 a cnc lathe with 3 tool revolvers, a synchronized spindle, milling options in the revolvers to both use it as a lathe and a milling machine, the newest siemens sinumerik System for high end Programming via g-code or cam-Programming via 3D-model.. Weve come a long way and it is faszinating and a privilege for me to work with these machines… Man i love my job… I mean when you set up the machine, see the requierd part on a piece of paper for the first time, make out the rough workflow in your head, setting up the tools, writing the program and putting in the whole stuff into the machine and pressing start, making sure everthing works, correcting everything till all the messurements are correct… And seeing the machine operating as you planed it…espacialy when it is a complex piece… I cant describe that feeling tbh… It is wonderfull as a precision mechanic you turn 2D idea on paper into a real 3D precise object… I just love it

Élie Cliche says:

4:17 your endmill need to be replace she got som lil chips in 2 of the flutes budy

D Israel says:

Can you make on on PCB really interesting and important niche for every product nowadays

Bryant Arnold says:

At the :47, that's not a grinder homie, looks like some kindda shell mill. 👍👍

DCMX says:

CNC Machines are cons to our environment, hopefully 3D Printers shall replace them in future


Too late comment

vondeliusc says:

As a CNC owner/programmer/operator and builder, a pretty good review on a basic level; One additional concept to cover would have been the concept of coordinate systems, or at least the basic XYZ cartesian system.

Moemen Sultan says:

In this video , it is said the CNC machines have drawbacks , beside cost what are those ?

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