How Do Heat Pumps Work? | Heat Pumps Explained

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How do heat pumps work? Dave explains how heat pumps warm your home in the winter and cool your home in the summer. Heat pumps are a great clean energy option here in B.C. where we’re powered by water.

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About BC Hydro
Here at BC Hydro, we make clean electricity, powered by water. It’s our job to make sure people in B.C. have a reliable source of clean energy to power all the things they interact with each day.

Join us as we explore smart energy use, electrical safety, and behind-the-scenes looks at our work throughout the province.


renorti1 says:

the heat produced by these is very poor, noisy things that lose efficiency within a few years{ not even that efficient from new} trying to sell the electric dream .

E MAN says:

Heat pumps are junk. Heating cost are too high.

Look after your own bills says:

Why is very cold air getting blown over the coil why is it not enclosed recirculate the heat in winter it won’t catch fire explain that to me on the Shetland Isle there are no trees to hug so sad it is

Terry Bouffard says:

Why don't you ask that volcano going off in La Palma for 1.5 months now to to back off on it's carbon footprint?

Racist Google says:

Employing common criminals and racists is the bc hydro way. Fact

Kasper Hansen says:

You're Danish, right?

Anak Rantau says:


Tuco Imposter says:

I don’t understand. The world is in chaos, there is a pandemic ripping through the country, and out of all the things to remain unadulterated, it’s FUCKING DAVE

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