How Does a Plasma Cutter Work?

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Learn what plasma cutting is and how a plasma cutter works in this video with Steve Christena, owner of Arc Academy.

Plasma is the utilization of electricity to expand an ionized gas through space and create heat. Plasma cutting is using this heat — plasma (the fourth state of matter) — to come up to a temperature that will cut directly through metal. A plasma cutter utilizes compressed air or gas to ionize and create plasma. Once the compressed air or gas make contact with the electrode, it ionizes and creates more pressure, resulting in a stream of pure plasma. This is hot enough to cut directly through materials.

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0:00 What is plasma cutting?
0:18 How does plasma cutting systems work with gas?
0:51 How does a plasma cutting torch work?


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Pooh says:

So what does plasma cutting have to do with pedophelia? Why are you wearing pedo symbols so proudly🤔

gjaeigjiajeg says:

What happens when you run a plasma through a sheet of tempered glass? Is that one way of possibly cutting tempered glass without exploding the panel? Technically the heat would almost serve as a local annealing process so you don't need to anneal the entire piece to cut it.

Ambient Occulus says:

A triangle within a triangle is a boy loving paedophile symbol.

Erwin Erwin says:

Thanks kindly for your response and I just bought one.

Erwin Erwin says:

I had no idea on how they worked. I am new at welding and now looking to buy a Plasma cutter as I hate using an angle grinder to cut steel. Takes too long and does not feel safe.

Question……With welding one buys welding rods. So what does one need to buy for a plasma cutter to keep it going as one uses. I assume it needs more than just compressed air? Thanks

The GAME is here! says:

Now i can cut an axe.

Zack Morris says:

So all I would need is air compressor? I don't need a tank of some type of gas?

The Døctor says:

just asking. So We can make real lightsabers?

srose says:

What plasma cutter are you using in the video?

Rinion RS says:

There is no cooling mechanism for the nozzle?

Funny Mann says:

Do I need to wear a welding helmet while using one of these or is safety glasses sufficient?

NAS Venture says:

Is an ordinary air compressor can also be used?

elfpimp1 says:

Cool. heard every word you said. While your still here, what are the most common consumables and maybe there service life? Thanks!

Lass-in Angeles says:

Cannot hear you clearly over the obnoxious noise/music you decided to blast my ears with. I did not sign up to hear your choice of heavy metal rock electronica. Only to learn about plasma cutting. Keep your DIY demos free from background noise clutter.

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