How Does A Refrigerator Work? | Refrigeration Explained

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How does a refrigerator work? Have you ever wondered how a refrigerator keeps your food fresh and provides you with a refreshingly chilled beverage in a hot day? Watch this video to know how a refrigerator carries out this frosty feat.

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Ristau says:

They say aliens have found a better way.

Parinit Singh says:

that was great help😃

Infinitemusic10 says:


John Mun says:

thank you very much. Best explanation.
thank you.

pokemon jynx says:

someone explain 1:15 if something is expanded and turned into a gas, shouldn't it become hotter and not cool???

Piano Player03 says:

beautifully educational, my less knowledgeable friend learnt something xoxo

Cheeto says:

Refrigerator lore

Drake Danos says:

From what I understand, the refrigerant starts off as a liquid. This is necessary for the first steps so it can absorb the heat from the food. It then becomes a gas. The compressor does work on the gas, heating it up, and getting it ready to become a liquid again to restart the whole process. As the hot liquid flows through the condenser, heat flows normally from the liquid to the outside air. The process then repeats.

Shaheer Khan says:

Asalam o alaikum !I really like your video .

Scooby Doob says:

I noticed that when I spray from a can, the can goes Cold. I just assumed this was how fridges worked.

Vilma Carongoy Labitan says:

Asking a permission if it's ok to use this video for my video making presentation ? I would like to share it with my classmates Thankyou and Godbless. The video is quite simple but we'll explained I was amazed by the animation too. 👏❣️

Mr. Random says:

I really like your video.I like your animation .so please makemore vido like this .🥰

jane ash says:

How does compressing a gas heat it?

Duke Nukem says:

Wow I had no idea this is how it worked . Blown away. Great video

G28 Sarao, Jamaica M. says:

Thank you so muchhh! This helped me a lot. I don't need to read or watch other vids coz this is already a complete summary. God bless you!!

Ayesha Murudkar says:

Nice video. Straight to the point.

Busters Bashers says:

You’ve neglected to place in the drain inside the fridge workings..!.!

1Ghost 2Horses says:

so you're just gonna skip the part about why it needs electricity?

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