How does laser cutting work – Basics explained

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Laser cutting is a thermal separation method in which many different materials can be cut quickly, precisely, and without reworking.

It is commonly used with materials like wood, paper, textiles or different kinds of plastics. Depending on the materials you would like to laser cut, the correct settings for laser power and speed are crucial.

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fusemalaysia says:

how awesome when light can create sign

Singapore works says:

Iam also laser operator from Singapore.

2891 user says:

dislike … i do not see anywhere in the video how laser cutting work

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price please

Fardeen Ozeer says:

what is the mw of the cutting laser?

Sanmveg S says:

what is the power of the laser that has been used in this machine?

Annur Farhanah says:

is there will be any limit when using laser cutter? like some maintaining that need to be considered? or laser cutter can use for long term?

VGMasta says:

Does the laser cutter have the same velocity as the speed of light?

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Great laser cutting engraving👍❤

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Hi may I use this Video for an educational purpose ?
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