How does Plasma Cutting Work

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Plasma is the fourth state of matter. We normally think of three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. For a common element, water, these three states are ice, water and steam. This video explains the physics of plasma and how the plasma arc cuts the metal workpiece by melting it, and blowing away the molten metal.


pectorialis says:

This was a good explanation – thanks

king james says:

can you remove energy from matter… yes…from air=refrigeration..friction from air on metal,from liquid…freezer…to solid… from solid..atomic…lasers frozen atoms…could you also use gravitational waves to solidify atoms?

fabrication work says: air plasma cutter

NAS Venture says:

Is an ordinary air compressor can also be used?

Thrasher Adventure says:

can somebody help me how does the nozzle,electrode,shield that can be used for long time.Coz i work in plasma cutting and those thing damage so fast.

RAJEEV T A says:

What kind of gas is used?

Doug Savery says:

Can someone explain the sheilding gas? Ive only used plasma cutters with compressed air. Ive done every type of welding you can think of cut metal in almost everyway possible never seen a sheilding gas on plasma cutters

D B says:

if your gunna amputate…that’s pretty clean n quick …just sayin

Troy Hayder says:

Zeus must be furious…

Muzafar Iqbal says:

Sir is ki job mil sakti he

MRSketch09 says:

Wow.. is all I can say.

Init-Ting? says:

helpful and more ideas

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